Enriching people, process and performance

Workbox provides certain pre-packaged workflows and UI (user-interface) templates that facilitates bringing-in rapid value to customers. Multiple systems, workflows and all the various tasks are consolidated into a single effective inbox. It is a platform for the process owners, process managers and even the process actors to enrich their performance.

Features and Benefits

Unified Workbench - never miss a work item

Multiple systems, workflows and numerous tasks are all consolidated into a single effective inbox with features such as Universal Search, Filters, Approvals and Task Progress Tracking with reports.

Pre-packaged process and UI templates add rapid value to customers

Pre-packaged workflow and user-interface templates facilitates to bring-in rapid value to the customers. From conceptualization to realization in quick time it makes the process hassle-free.

Process performance reporting and benchmarking

It improves the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes. Even helps to obtain empirical analytics that can be invaluable in justifying a powerful business case for process improvement initiatives.

User Workload Management

Workload Management consists of a heat map view of the users involved in various processes/tasks. It provides a means by which the managers can track user workload and performance.

Convert the insights from reporting systems to actions and processes

Gather all the important insights from source systems and processes such as time taken, requested data and SLA breach. Take critical actions to enhance the business process after analysis.

Intelligent process management - creating work items and process analytics

Process owners and managers can access intuitive graphs, tables, heat maps and other analytical views for accurate process tracking, user workload management, rules and action setup.

Complete mobility with Offline capabilities

Get insights on the go with a sleek mobile user interface that allows for quick access and one-tap action. It helps to view how the business process is performing anywhere, anytime, with our offline capabilities.