Win by Design: Reimagining the Future Workspace

Win by Design: Reimagining the Future Workspace

“Design thinking is not a linear path. It’s a big mass of looping back to different places in the process.”

–David Kelley, Founder of IDEO

Design Thinking is not a buzzword anymore. As we know, most large companies, startups and government organizations are designing their digital future with a human-centric approach. In this age of customer-facing applications, getting to know the people who we are building for makes sense now more than ever before. The interface we create for our everyday user elevates the experience that they have, which in turn translates to good business.

A recent study by McKinsey* on the business value of design showed how this elevated user experience directly translates to higher revenue. The study used McKinsey Design Index (MDI) as a measure for company design strength and found that companies with top-quartile MDI scores outperformed industry benchmark revenue growth by as much as 100%.

So how do you become a design-driven company? Let’s take you through Incture’s three-step process.

  • Reimagine Technology

We believe that design transformation is not just about moving from one technology stack to another. It is an opportunity to rewire the way you operate within the company and how you run your business to elevate the user experience of your digital solutions.

Incture will help you use design thinking to ideate, prototype and validate your business transformation journey. We will help you enable iterative development with user training so that you can craft the best customer experiences with a design-led approach to engineering.

  • Reimagine Business

Often, we notice that it is not just a technology transformation that you need but to rethink the way you work entirely. That’s where we can co-innovate with you to reimagine the future of your company.

Thinking is the first part of this design journey, and to think productively, one needs the right data sources. Re-thinking your business involves 360-degree research on the different aspects of business process, service and model transformation. We will help you develop a keen understanding of emerging industries and markets so that you can innovate new ways to do business.

  • Reimagine People

At the heart of how Incture operates is the deep value we place on people we employ and work with. Becoming design-driven helps us become better humans at work and life. It’s a culture shift to put people in front of technology and humanize the entire process.

Our customer focus doesn’t just end in helping you make a digital leap. We want to join the tribe of people-centric organizations. Incture is committed to evangelizing and educating our customers to embrace human-centric thinking through our design education offerings.

That said, we want to help you become design-driven in all aspects: technology, business and people. Are you ready to go on a transformative journey to change the future of work? Then reach out to us at

Visvapriya Sathiyam

About the Author: Over a period of 16 years at SAP, Visvapriya led the transformation of multiple product lines and industry solutions for better customer experience. She nurtured 3000+ engineers, product managers, functional experts and senior leaders to embrace design to transform products, people and the culture to be design driven. Always a designer at heart, an engineer at hand and educator in the head, Visvapriya uses design to humanize the software that we make.

*McKinsey Quarterly- The Business Value of Design