Why do you need the Fiori Mentor App on iOS?

Why do you need the Fiori Mentor App on iOS?

Imagine yourself in a situation where you’re developing an app according to iOS guidelines, brainstorming on multiple designs while you’re crunched for time. In this scenario, you’d probably end up spending more time and effort in finding the ideal layout, rather than on functionality or fixing bugs. This in turn would lead to further delays, fixes, updates and development snags down the line. 

This is the kind of situation where you need an app that can take care of auto layout, fonts, layout and attributes, and the Fiori mentor app does exactly that!  

The SAP Fiori Mentor mobile app for iPad provides interactive documentation for SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, streamlining the development of SAP Fiori apps on iOS. The app allows you to view live previews of all UI components and change parameters to immediately see the effect. Once a component is customized to your liking, view and copy the ready-made code snippet on your iPhone or iPad and paste on your Mac with Universal Clipboard. 

All you need to use the Fiori mentor app is a Macbook and an iPad with Fiori Mentor App. The software required is currently limited to a Sketch app, XCode and SAP iOS Assistant. The app provides a clean code base, easy integration with OData, and improves your focus on functionality, thus helping you develop a responsive app with minimal efforts. 

Some of the key features of SAP Fiori Mentor app for iPad are- 

  • Browse demo apps for inspiration and enable the overlay to see which components were used 
  • Preview all UI components with different preset SAP Fiori styles 
  • Customize the component style to meet your needs and see the effect immediately in a live preview
  • Copy the ready-made code snippet for your customized control and paste on your Mac using Universal Clipboard 
  • Check your components in both iPad and iPhone layouts 

To get a better idea of how it works, let’s take a look at the step by step process to download and use the mentor app. 

  1. Download SAP Fiori Mentor App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sap-fiori-mentor/id1215284965?mt=8

2. If you want to add Calendar to your app, open the Fiori mentor app and click on Calendar View

3. Customize your calendar view by pressing the button in the right bottom corner of the app

4. Click on code button

5. Click on ‘Share’ to share the code through mail, notes or airdrop

6.  On clicking Save, the code is saved on your Notes app

7.  Copy paste code from notes to Xcode and then run your app

We highly recommend using the app when more data needs to be presented on a single screen and when deadlines are tight. However, it is important to note that the app is not ideal for single screen apps with non-SAP login or if it needs different UI on different screen sizes.

Third party design styles and multi-color themes are not supported on the app.

Apart from these few limitations, the Fiori Mentor app is something that every front-end developer should be really excited about. We at Incture Technologies have already started leveraging it for our custom applications.

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