What is Design Mantrai?

Design Mantrai is a creative workspace to promote design-led innovation. The Sanskrit word mantrai is derived from the root man – “to think” and trai – “to do”.

The goal is to build design at the core of all our engagements leveraging SAP products and technologies, by promoting Workspace, Mindset, Thinking, Implementation.



Incture’s vision is to enhance people’s lives with digital systems and bring a human-centered approach to solve business challenges and create measurable value. Design Mantrai, which is part of the SAP App Haus network, embodies this vision. The workspace can be leveraged by SAP, customers and the developer community to share experiences, best practices and values in design thinking and engineering.


Design Offerings

Design is a key element of Incture’s vision to enhance people’s lives through technology. Whether it’s a unique digital solution or the optimization and extension of existing business processes, we adopt a human-centred approach to humanize the intelligent enterprise experience.

1-5 days
Design Thinking
The key to innovation lies in the thought process. Incture helps customers identify business processes, services, models, emerging technologies and markets where there is an urgent need for design transformation.
  • Business process innovation
  • Business service innovation
  • Business model innovation
  • Technology innovation
  • Emerging industries and markets
5-10 Days
Design Sprint
Customers know best! Incture works with your design experts and the end-users to develop web, mobile and hybrid apps to design an unparalleled digital experience.
  • Web and hybrid apps
  • Native mobile apps
  • Service blueprints
  • Business models
  • Digital experience design
2-8 weeks
Design-Led Engineering
Incture is building the UX of the future with design-led engineering. Our developers leverage iterative development, user testing, usability analysis, ROI calculation, and user support to deliver the ideal end product.
  • Iterative development with user testing
  • Usability analysis
  • ROI calculation
  • User adoption support


Apply a human centered approach to turn initial ideas to business value at scale.


Win by Design: Reimagining the Future Workspace
Win by Design: Reimagining the Future Workspace

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Designing in Context – A Perspective from Ancient India
Designing in Context – A Perspective from Ancient India

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