Engaged Employees, Productive Workforce

Unified Digital Workplaces

There is a growing awareness that employee experience is both intrinsically important and a key to productivity. However, addressing it involves integrating multiple systems and typically more than one function in an organization. Organizations are currently struggling with fragmented experiences that are hard to rectify. Employees spend more time switching between applications, increasing chances for mistakes and decisions and actions are taken without a complete view.

Incture’s Unified Digital Workplace Solutions built on the SAP Cloud Platform includes integrated set of core technologies to support the composition, management, delivery and optimization of contextualized digital experiences.

  • Central entry point to enterprise applications​
  • Set of ready-to-use content templates
  • Operational and experience data
  • Personalized and intelligent chatbots
  • Omnichannel experience
  • Collaboration and self-service
  • Unified front-end
  • Anytime, anywhere access to applications
  • Innovation prototyping with incremental application development
  • Secure integration of unstructured content and business apps
Business Impact
  • Increased employee engagement with connected people, process, information and intelligent technologies
  • Built digital communities of common interest, skills and expertise within an enterprise
  • Enabled faster and better business decisions with seamless, insightful and useful data and information
  • Empowered employees with access to content, data, expertise, and processes
  • Enabled employees to find and view content from external repositories and use it to work together effectively
  • Transformed customer and employee experiences with enterprise-grade intelligent chatbots

Case Studies

Enhancing Employee Experience

UI transformation of core HR processes for a large Indian PSU bank involving migration from legacy system to SAP Fiori, resulted in increase in user adoption by 22% and reduced processing time to < 2 seconds

Enabling Faster Employee Onboarding

Digitization of the onboarding process for a large Indian food products company by implementing a single integrated UI workflow resulted in the improved turnaround of the employee onboarding system by 66%

Portrait of successful young business team posing in office
Increasing Employee Engagement

UI modernization for the web and mobile applications on SAP Cloud Platform for Qatar government agency resulted in increased user adoption and productivity by 80%

Improving Efficiencies and Compliance

Time and Attendance Management system implementation for a leading Indian pharmaceutical company resulted in efficiency, regulatory compliance, and employee productivity


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