SAP Cloud Platform Adoption: Rise of the Intelligent Enterprise


7th May 2021

As per IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Cloud 2019 Predictions report, by 2020, more than 90% of global organizations will have a multi-cloud strategy in place. Most organizations will leverage a hybrid cloud strategy to integrate and orchestrate workloads across cloud deployment models based on the characteristics and business impact of the workload. Hybrid cloud and multi-cloud deployments have become commonplace, driving demand for cloud management platforms such as SAP Cloud Platform to help orchestrate and manage workloads across the IT estate.

Today, we are in a platform economy — one in which tools, capabilities, and frameworks based upon the power of information, cognitive computing, and ubiquitous access will frame and channel our economic, business, and social lives. Companies and industries are shifting to compete — but also in the new, larger platform economy. The SAP Cloud platform expands from microservices, technology stacks, and software bundles to PaaS and entirely new digital business and industry-specific platforms, ecosystems, and operating models. The platform enables the digital transformation strategy, providing the architecture that drives and accelerates every digital initiative of the business.  SAP Cloud Platform, together with Cloud Foundry technology, allows for agile innovation with the freedom to deploy on a hyper cloud of choice. The SAP Cloud Platform is designed to bring a number of development choices under one platform to support cloud-based innovation — all while providing rich business services and secure integration capabilities customers and partners like Incture can holistically depend on.

The future of digital applications is about improving business agility and delighting customers with superior experiences. Customers now expect real-time support with answers to complex questions ready at the click of a button. SAP Cloud Platform is empowering more than 10,000 customers1 globally to become Intelligent Enterprises. Intelligent Enterprise is emerging as an important theme in today’s technology landscape. According to IDC, the global spending on Intelligent Enterprise technologies, supported by cloud infrastructure, is expected to reach $1.1 trillion while spending on cognitive and artificial intelligence systems is forecasted to reach $57.6 Billion in 20212. Innovation accelerators including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and Internet of Things (IoT) result in exponential increases in data, driving the need for advanced analytics and real-time information delivery. SAP’s inclusion of these technologies in SAP Cloud Platform has both simplified the development efforts and opened entirely new categories of solutions.

SAP Cloud Platform is now the new battleground for innovation, developers, and marketplaces as the industry embraces the challenge to enable its customers with business transformation.

Partner Success with SAP Cloud Platform: Building for the Intelligent Enterprise An IDC eBook, sponsored by SAP | January 2019

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