Use Cases

Transform Human Experience Management with SAP Fiori, SAP ABAP

Develop a one-stop solution for superior employee and user experience with enhanced mobile and self-service capabilities by managing multiple sub-processes such as leaves & attendance, payroll, employee welfare & MIS reports, and other requests without any system lag. Maintain information with consistent data management processes and leverage advanced capabilities by transitioning from legacy system to SAP Fiori.

Manage asset availability and maximize uptime with SAP BTP Services

Monitor assets and manage delivery schedules and regular operations. Increase customer retention and provide seamless user experience by collecting telemetry data with geolocation capabilities, determining future asset failures, and integrating existing service relationship management with one-stop mobile applications for data-driven insights and user management.

Guided Returns Handling with SAP BTP Services

Improve Returns and Exchange Management with user-guided process steps for quick and efficient Returns processing. This solution not only reduces the overall Return processing cycle time but also allows multiple stakeholders and partners to collaborate across platforms. Its robust and highly flexible Rule Engine allows quick adoption of new business processes.

Manage Employee Experience with SAP SuccessFactors Extensions, SAP Fiori, SAP Cloud Platform Integration, SAP Analytics Cloud

Enhance engagement with employees using personalized dashboards, natural language interfaces, and automated workflows for key employee processes such as onboarding, offboarding, time and attendance, employee analytics. Build intuitive, responsive design apps. with the homogeneous user experience across all devices, screen sizes, multiple operating systems, web, and mobile platforms.

Onboard and manage new suppliers with SAPUI5

Fasttrack onboarding new suppliers for the organization with the development of a digitized platform enabling suppliers to self-register. The platform also provisions verification, compliance checks, risk assessment, approval, and creation of supplier master data by allowing suppliers to upload relevant documents while registering resulting in end-to-end visibility in the onboarding process, improved efficiency, and reduced risk mitigation with strong buyer-supplier collaboration.

Unified Supplier Portal on the cloud with SAP TM, Fiori, OData, HANA, and GTS System

Real-time collaboration between suppliers and internal teams with clear visibility on carriers of supplier goods, planned routes, and planning of delivery resulting in increased productivity, reduced operational expenses, and transportation cost. It also leads to seamless route optimization and notifications related to the shipment.

Budget, Manage and Execute Procurement with data transparency on cloud with SAP ECC, SAP HANA, SAP Fiori Launchpad, Workflow, and Rules

Develop a solution to manage the company’s global supplier spend, enable better procurement forecasting and budgeting, and eliminate manual processes with end-to-end visibility into purchasing operations with a single portal for global supplier interactions resulting in a one-stop solution to manage spends, savings, and budgeting.

Integrated Operations Platform with SAP Fiori Launchpad, SAP Mobile Services, Business Rules, Workflow, Identity Authentication, HANA Database, SAP IRPA, SAP Document Management, SAP Success Factors, SAP Integration Suite, SAP ERP

Improved operational efficiency and reduced process cycle time with a centralized cockpit where the company staff can manage operations, gain real-time visibility into tasks, and track assets accurately on a secure, multi-cloud infrastructure leading to harmonization of the system landscape and optimized operations by enforcing mobile enablement for field operators resulting in improved collaboration between field operator and remote command centre team.

Intelligent Completions and Smart Well Technology Platform with SAP BTP Services

Build a platform to monitor, analyse and make decisions based on historical as well as real-time high velocity and high-volume data with Smart Well Technology platform for completion process leveraging enterprise messaging queue, multi-threading, proactive alerts based on pattern detection and threshold, digital twins to compare planned and actual pump data by displacing multiple middleware through cloud integration.

Crowd Management System with SAP Analytics

Build a robust and reliable mega crowd management mobile application which stimulates and digitalizes data on a web portal for command operation centre to address crowd management by viewing desired paths and locations, monitoring heat maps for identifying crowd density to have equal distribution of crowd across different locations along with real time overcrowding alerts and situational awareness through GPS tagged zones.

Streamline operations and documentation with SAP Workflow Management, SAP IRPA

Develop a one stop solution for all services and approval related needs with minimal dependency on paper documentation and reduced time to cater to requests by accurately capturing data, boosting communications through timely notifications, and delineating tasks for all parties involved.

Insurance Management and Gateway Portal Application with SAP BTP Services

Automate insurance claim processes and get end-to-end visibility at every stage of the process leading to lesser waiting time and a better experience for customers with a secure and reliable real-time transaction processing system with easy report generation, payment settlements and account reconciliation process.

Business Workflow for Incident Management with SAP PO

Model business processes integrated with multiple systems and business users to capture all business events related to incident management process to increase efficiency by defining SLAs & KPIs at each process stage with real time integration to third party system bringing in competitive and cost advantage.

Build Order Management Cockpit with SAP Cloud Platform Integration, SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Conversational AI

Enable agile order entry, review, and integrate with SAP ERP and S/4 HANA systems. Provide real-time order status and inventory information, enable multiple channels like Self Service, Mass / Batch, EDI to manage the Order Lifecycle.

Digitize & Automate Finance & Accounting Operations with SAP IRPA

Automate key financial accounting processes such as Accounts Payable, Tax Accounting, Bank Reconciliation, Account Opening & Closure and Fraud Detection with access to ERP systems to perform transactions. Extract relevant general ledgers and prepare bank reconciliation statement in a predefined format.

Data Lake and Integration Platform with SAP Workflow Management, SAP Analytics Cloud

Digitize and automate your sales and service operations thereby improving operational efficiency, adding business value to your customers and providing a curated digital customer experience by integrating and orchestrating platform using Integration suite and engaging customers with web and mobile application along with consolidation of data and customer 360 view through a Data Lake approach, providing real time insights, and API based access to information.

Integrated Transport and Logistics Platform with SAP BTP Service

Integrate order from legacy sources to the transportation and logistics platform which provide means for supplier interaction, standardization of expediting processes, yard management, crossdocking and master data collection helping to track and trace carriers and build reports such as supplier and carrier compliance and ASN metrics providing the real-time information about all shipments within the network.

Establish a central entry point with SAP Launchpad service

Provide a central entry point with easy and efficient access to relevant applications for your business users with efficient, intuitive, and personalized access to applications, ease of deployment and adoption and secure access to apps from inside the enterprise and on the go by going live and providing your users with a central entry point.

Manage supplier onboarding by providing 360-degree supplier insights to supplier managers with SAP BTP Services

Empower managers to understand various key performance indicators on supplier onboarding operations and provide insights into the supplier onboarding lifecycle with Procurement Supplier 360 Insights+ on SAP BTP. Improved decision-making with deep insights. Automated supplier onboarding. Onboarding experience insights. 360-degree supplier reports.

Create a Project Management Application Consuming Business Events from SAP SuccessFactors and Event Mesh

Project manager wants to maintain the staffing details of all the projects by creating projects and assigning employees in his team to relevant projects. An employee contributing to a project might decide to leave the team or the company. When this happens, the manager gets a real-time notification about this employee and his current skillsets. This information can be used by the manager to find and hire a replacement and assign to the right projects.

Integrate, process, automate and catalog data with SAP Data Intelligence

Provide your users with intelligent, relevant, and contextual insights with integration across the IT landscape and integrate and orchestrate massive data volumes and streams at scale, streamline, operationalize, and govern innovation driven by machine learning and Optimize governance and minimize compliance risk with comprehensive metadata management rules.

Accelerate the automation of vendor onboarding processes with SAP Cloud Integration, SAP Business Rules, SAP Workflow, SAP Fiori Launchpad, SAP Connectivity Service and SAP Identity Authentication

Discover, import, and manage vendor onboarding processes out of the box using live process packages shipped with SAP Workflow Management by the digitalization of workflows, managing decisions, gaining visibility, and Enabling line of business users with FIORI-based user interfaces.