Cherrywork® Resource Management Tool

Plan your resources and project schedule effectively

Manage and deploy resources to projects based on their skill and experience

Cherrywork® Resource Management Tool helps you increase & manage resource utilization & assign the right resources to the right projects with a real-time project timeline. It integrates with SAP cloud solutions like SuccessFactors or OnPremise ECC using standard SAP-approved interfaces and APIs to behave like an extension.

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Cherrywork® Resource Management Tool

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Increase and manage resource utilization

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Automate Skills & Availability

Get centralized access to up-to-date, easily searchable profiles of resources skills, interests, experience, language expertise, work preferences, availability, and more, empowering you with the information you need in real-time.

Manage work schedule

Cherrywork® Resource Management application lets you assign bookings to your teammates on the projects based on their expertise, skills, and availability.

Plan future projects

Cherrywork® Resource Management application allows visibility into your production pipeline that helps you to forecast the available employees and plan accordingly.

Eliminate paper based process

Improve visibility and reduce time

Reduce the Risk of fraud/billing issues

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