Proof of Delivery

The POD app. helps organizations plan trips, manage shipment details, report and manage incidents, track shipments in real-time, and verify delivery items. It is delivered as a twin application solution built on SAP Cloud Platform: Trip Management, for administrative tasks, and Delivery Management for driver (user) tasks.

Features and Benefits

Eliminates paper-based processes
  • Barcode scanning with mobile device for trip detail of each delivered item and reduces time for picking shipment.
Improves Visibiliity
  • Real-time tracking of delivery and visibility on the rejected or cancelled shipment. Provides customer confirmation on delivery.
Delivers actionable analytics
  • Monthly and weekly reports of completed deliveries and incidents with graphical leader boards for identifying top performers.
Reduces Cost for Management
  • Scheduling trips based on driver’s location and availability.
  • Assigning a new trip if a trip is completed earlier than planned, increasing driver productivity.
  • Providing view of the entire day’s deliveries, making it convenient for drivers to plan their day.
Improves employee communication
  • Raising an incident ticket using driver mobile app., in case of accident or breakdown.
  • Allowing admin to take appropriate action for resolution.
  • Updating trips in real-time for ongoing deliveries with broadcast message facility for drivers.
Reduces delivery cost
  • Verifying  shipment items before starting the trip to avoid wrong or incomplete shipments and efficiently routing delivery of shipment using maps, increasing the number of deliveries per day.