Cherrywork® Proof of Delivery

Organize, manage and track shipment real-time.

Track trip real-time with Proof of Delivery

Cherrywork® Proof of Delivery is a last-mile logistics application giving customers more control over their operations leading to increased efficiency and on-time deliveries. This solution is powered by the iOS SDK for SAP BTP to leverage iOS features and integrate seamlessly with SAP systems.

Case Study

Cherrywork® Proof of Delivery for an e-Grocery chain in the US

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Admin Dashboard

Provides warehouse supervisors or dispatchers with real-time view of delivery agents, shipments, vehicles and customer’s proof of delivery. With this feature, admin can track the trip status in real time and can narrow down to delivery bottlenecks with smart filter search.

Trip Management

Dispatchers or Supervisors can create trips by geo fencing leading to optimized delivery timelines. With real time trip status updates and reason-code based rejection of shipments, supervisors are better equipped to complete daily delivery quota.

Incident Management

Delivery agents can raise incidents to inform dispatchers of an untoward events and receive assistance from team members and supervisors. Customers are better aware of the delays, thus building transparency and increasing customer satisfaction.

Eliminate paper-based processes

Optimizes delivery agent productivity

Contact-less delivery

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