Personalisation Engine for a Leading Online Grocer

The online grocer delivers to residences and offices in the New York City metropolitan area. They custom-package groceries and meals for its customers and are popular for their distribution of organic food and locally grown items, as well as items that consumers see in supermarkets daily.

  • The current system relied on simple rules and algorithms to drive recommendations
  • Used only basic customer and product attributes and transaction history
  • Limited manual override capabilities
  • Limited business scenario support.
  • Limited real-time personalization capabilities

Improving customer experience with hyper-personalization across all channels – StoreFront, Mobile, Customer Support with a recommendation engine for a leading online grocer

  • Advanced Machine Learning & Neural Networks to drive product ranking and personalization
  • Personalization cockpit to support manual inputs and overrides
  • Utilize much broader customer and product attribute sets like Geographic, Demographic, Life Events, Weather, Browsing history to drive recommendations
  • Support for real-time inferences and personalization across channels.