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Cherrywork Digital Applications

Pre-packaged, ready to deploy applications


Intelligent Task Management
Deliver Intelligent Notifications, Tasks and Process
Insights in Real-time

In-Store Perishables Management
Enable grocery retailers to prepare for
peak hour sales

Accounts Payable Automation
Automate Tasks for Better Visibility and Control
over Financial Data

Proof of Delivery
Organize, Manage and Track Shipment Detail
in Real-time

Supplier Collaboration Portal
Gain Control over Supplier Data and
Collaboration across the Processes

Mobility for Warehouse
Ensuring data accuracy for inventory and
boost warehouse operation efficiency.

Collaborative Order Management
Simplify, Streamline and Integrate Orders to
Grow Revenues

Intelligent Price Management
Manage Pricing and Respond to Marketplace
Changes Quickly

HXM Modernization Suite
Deliver More Intuitive, Engaging Experiences that
Boost Productivity

Permit to Work
Automate work permit approval processes
and ensures safe operation.

Resource Management
Plan your Resources and Project Schedule

Advanced Metering Analytics
Transform SMART Meter Data into Actionable

Predictive Asset Maintenance
Balance Risk and Maximize Value Across the
Asset Lifecycle

Pipeline Corrosion and Leak Detection
Identify pipelines susceptible to leaks & corrosion
and manage the complete pipeline lifecycle.

Digital Solutions


Robotic Process Automation

SAP BTP Starter Pack
Enable Digital Transformation to Strengthen Operations with SAP BTP Services

Robotic Process Automation

Application & Process Integration
Connect People, Processes, and Applications to
Build an Intelligent Enterprise

Robotic Process Automation

Leverage Enterprise Mobile Applications for
Agility, Scalability, and Availability

User Experience
Visualize Business Operations with
User-Friendly and Intuitive Designs

Data Management and Analytics
Utilize Actionable Insights with Advanced Data Analytics

Robotic Process Automation
Digitize Time-consuming Tasks and Processes
with Intelligent Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Discover Next-level Business Automation with
Our Hyperautomation Solutions

Robotic Process Automation

Design Mantrai
Transform Your Organization with Design-led
Innovation and Technology

Robotic Process Automation

Cloud Migration
Enhance Your Business Capabilities with
Cloud Migration Services


Consumer Products & Retail
Drive Intelligent Value with Digital

Digitize E2E Value Chain

Oil and Gas
Extend Beyond the Barrel with Digital

Life Sciences
Improve Patient Outcomes and Safety


Case Studies

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SAP Innovation Pitch Decks

Our Customers

We are a digital systems company and a community of passionate, purpose-led individuals seeking to enhance people’s lives with technology. We deliver digital solutions including Cherrywork® Intelligent Digital Applications and systems, with speed and at scale to address our customers’ complex business challenges and opportunities. As a people-driven organization, we believe in empowering our employees and creating a dynamic workspace based on the ethos of respect, joy, and openness.

Learn how Incture empowered AGCO with intelligent procurement solutions​


Quote ImagesWith so many operating regions in scope, each with their own ways of working, we needed a global solution with standardized processes across regions. Because we could integrate SAP Cloud Platform tightly with multiple back-end systems, we gained end-to-end automation of the processes.

Jeetendra Kumar 
Chief of Enterprise Architecture and Applications​
AGCO Corporation


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Quote ImagesIncture solutions have helped us achieve productivity gain in the range of 15-20% with the same workforce that we have. It’s super exciting in terms of the technology we are using on SAP Cloud Platform and has truly solved a major business problem.

Team Murphy

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Quote ImagesCherrywork Collaborative Order Management application has helped in improving the sales team efficiency by giving access to real-time data on order status, payment status and delivery status, making them better equipped to negotiate with customers. The App has helped the back office team with easy and quick order entry, thereby improving their productivity by 50%, while the leadership team can view the real-time order book status to monitor overall company performance on mobile.

Team Foulath


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15% Improved Productivity with Integrated Operations Platform

Read Case Study

Abdul Latif Jameel

3000 Service Orders per day with Data Lake and Integration Platform

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100% Paperwork Eliminated with Unified Portal with SAP Transportation Management

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3X Operational Efficiency and Staff Productivity with Resource Management

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