Digital Oil Field Initiative

A leading Oil and Gas company in US leveraged SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) to build an integrated operations platform with an objective to digitize key field operations and improve process efficiency

10-12 weeks


SCP services leveraged to implement end to end solution in 10-12 weeks


Reduction in cycle time

Process cycle times reduced up to 60% with the use of workflow, mobility and integration services

In < 1 year

ROI realised

Point solutions to business problems using pre-packaged content helped get ROI within 1 year of rollout

Business Objectives and Solutions

Downtime capture

Actively tracking and monitoring the reasons and history of the downtime of wells.

Task Management

Managing a task through its life-cycle

Task Scheduling

Real Time Events and Alarms based feeds, help Remote Command Center Team to dispatch tasks to Field Operations to minimize downtime. This application helps to increase Field Operators productivity by 15%​

Digital Field Ticket

Template based digital ticket creation on Mobile by Supplier’s working on Field to reduce cycle time from service delivery to invoice payment. Leveraged Mobility / Workflow / Rules Integration / Cloud Identity Services

Permit to Work

Allow Vendors and Employees to Sign and Submit Permit to Work and Job Safety Procedure on Mobile and keep the signed copy digitally at document management system​

Incident and Investigation

Capture Incident on Mobile with attachment and integrate with SAP EHMS system

Well Profitability Analysis

Allow executive to view and analyze well profitability information on mobile and take corrective action from there in real time

Daily oil Production

Leveraging HANA PAL – Compare the Real time Oil production data with historical data at Well level and create production forecasting

Business Outcomes


- Enhanced overall Operational performance by 15%
- Optimized operations result in more consistent and improved oil production
- Unified "Command center" view where the data is represented from 15+ disparate applications into one single platform
- Optimization of Oil Production by leveraging investigation workflow templates which in turn increase in Revenue > $10M

Information Technology

- Harmonizing the system landscape by Integrating 15+ Business processes
- Process over 15M events/year to detect exceptions real-time and near real-time
- The platform actively combined work-related chats and groups, providing better compliance

Human Empowement

- Empowered operations staff members
- Improved safety conditions for staff
- Access to better technology reduced manual labor
- Improved communication among Remote Operations Center (ROC) staff and Field Operators

Disruptive Solutions

Robotic Process Automation

Ability to automate tasks across systems with decision making cognitive capabilities.


Algorithm-based system response where the system is also learning responses with time

Virtual Assistant

Create a digital twin of the organization from the systems, process and people's perspective

Machine Learning

Ability to learn system exception and trends via an algorithm and identify an anomaly

Augmented Reality

Equipment Image Recognition based Asset Intelligence Network

Block Chain

A growing list of records called blocks, that are linked using cryptography. Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp, a transaction data

Predictive Analysis

Encompasses a variety of statistical techniques from data mining, predictive modelling and machine learning, that analyze current and historical facts to make predictions about future

Pattern Recognition

Ability to detect arrangements of characteristics or data that yields information about a given system or data set