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Integration Advisor : Use of cXML Type System Exporting to CPI


Sonali S Dash


10th June 2022




  • The integration content advisor of SAP Cloud Platform is a mapping tool along with cloud and crowd-based design
  • It provides intelligent and efficient integration content creation and maintenance at the business domain level to support experts
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) supports the entire approach with more flexibility and higher quality
  1. Scenario :

    Create EDI Interface for Library Type System using cXML(commerce eXtensible Markup Language) to Export into CPI.

    Solution :

    Let’s begin with the scenario. Follow the steps and images.

    1 – Add the capability Integration Advisor in SAP BTP Cockpit and open the portal

2 – Choose  Library of Type System-cXML which is a licensed version.It has 17 varieties of version, 102 messages,781 Complex Types, 16 Simple Types, 302 Codelists available. cXML Type system is available in trail account as unlimited licensed.So there is no time frame.

3 – Create Message Implementation Guidelines(MIGs) for source and receiver.Here the scenario is concentrating on Authorization Request from sender and Authorization response from receiver end.

4 – Create Mapping Guidelines (MAGs) to show mapping specifications between source and target MIGs.It can be used for internal purpose or can be shared with trading partners for reference.

5 – Choose the version 1.2.040 of cXML Type System- AuthRequest. Direction should be “out” and follow map own business context and partner business context

6 – Next step to add Proposals for AuthRequest Source side and confirm it

7 – Repeat the same step for AuthResponse Target Side and confirm it

8 – Now Select Source and Target MIGs and map it

9 – Export SAP Cloud Integration Runtime Artifacts

10 – Go to Integration Suite and open the Template EDI Integration Template for SAP Integration Advisor and select cXML to SAP IDOC Inbound artifacts

11 – The below is extracted version of exported Mapping Artifacts

12 – Upload Sender file and Receiver file appropriately along with Pre-Processing and Post-Processing

13 – Upload the files like Read cXML Parameters,cXML Preprocessing,cXML Mapping,Qualifier Post-Processing and Configure with passing all parameters/required parameters

14 – Once configuration done and extracted with messages then save as version and deploy it.


There are more possible method to have communication with B2B integration in SAP Integration Suite using variety adapters for trial and subscribe accounts.


This Blog covers, what the Integration Advisor and how to create MAG,MIG and Mapping process from cXML source to cXML target side.

If you have any questions, feedback or thoughts please let me know in the comment section.

So keep trying…

Happy Learning…

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