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Accelerate Digital Transformation with Incture

Incture Monthly Newsletter -September 2023

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Digital Innovation Day at Incture

Sachin Verma, Founder & CEO, Incture

Incture successfully hosted its Inaugural Digital Innovation Day at its Headquarters in Bengaluru. The event brought together SAP, industry thought leaders, its customers, and technology enthusiasts to share the latest paradigms and case studies of digital innovation and hyper-automation in enterprises today.

Incture team showcased the success stories of Incture’s Cherrywork suite of digital applications.

We are grateful to our customers and thought leaders who shared their digital journeys with us and have been instrumental in making this event a grand success.

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Streamline your Accounts Payable Process with Cherrywork AP Automation

7 September 2023 | Time: 11:00 am EDT

Discover how Cherrywork Accounts Payable Automation, a cloud-based application that can streamline end-to-end operations for businesses, in our upcoming webinar.

Join us in the webinar to learn how to capture invoices from virtually anywhere, automatically extract data, and gain full visibility into your financial processes.

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Accelerate Innovation at Scale with Intelligent Work Management
21 September 2023 | Time: 11:00 am EDT
Accelerate innovation at scale with Intelligent Work Management – a platform packed with ready-to-use services. Unleash the power of prebuilt features like a unified inbox, workflow builder, customizable dashboards, business rules, and automated task management. Streamline your processes and propel your business forward with ease.

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Unlocking Advancement for Manufacturing with Industry 4.0 and Hyper-Automation
During the Digital Innovation Day at Incture, we explored how we have enabled manufacturing organizations across various industries with Industry 4.0 and Hyper-Automation solutions in key domains such as Maintenance, Production, ESG, and People Management.

Our discussions revolved around the presentation of use cases tailored to various scenarios, offering insights to our customers to realize substantial enhancements in their business processes. These enhancements encompass a range of achievements, including the transition to a paperless operational framework, increased productivity, reduced cycle times, and a streamlined mean time to repair, among others.

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Enterprise Intelligence Framework

Another discussion that generated significant interest during Digital Innovation Day was the Enterprise Intelligence Framework. In this discussion, the focus revolved around the integration of emerging technology, particularly AI and machine learning, into diverse business solutions.

We also discussed Incture’s unique approach called the AI Square framework on how we could augment AI capabilities to enhance our solutions by automating business rules. A use case was presented on how Gen AI adeptly extracted vital data from technical documents, lending invaluable support to field operatives within the Oil and Gas sector as they tackled equipment malfunctions. The discussion concluded by emphasizing the importance of experimentation, assessment, and scalability in adopting AI and related technologies for business solutions.

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Transforming Enterprises with Generative AI

Delve deeper into the transformative power of Generative AI and how it can optimize and enhance business processes like Record to Report, Design to Operate, Order to Cash, Source to Pay, and Hire to Retire in our latest blog.

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SAP BTP Lunch and Learn: Harnessing the Power of SAP BTP and Generative AI

View the on-demand BTP Lunch & Learn session where SAP and Incture jointly explore how to achieve increased efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction in pricing and savings management by leveraging SAP BTP and Generative AI.

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Transforming Luxury Motors eCommerce with SAP Integration Suite and SAP Commerce Cloud
We partnered with one of the world’s largest independent luxury car distributors of a renowned automobile brand to enhance their customer experience by automating their eCommerce customer journey. We seamlessly integrated SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris-B2C Parts) with their internal/external systems, leveraging the SAP Integration Suite (CPI and API-M capabilities), resulting in the development of 44 interfaces.

The company successfully implemented world-class eCommerce best practices, standardizing online features and sales processes for both cars and parts, creating a seamless guest experience across all touchpoints.

Streamlining Operations with SAP Integration Suite
Our customer a leading manufacturer of protective paints and coatings wanted to enhance efficiency and modernize their operations, to set up and activate the Integration Suite, bridging the gap between SAP ECC and vital systems like SAP Concur, Gentran, Bizagi, and File-Share (RPM).

Our solution was to create a new sub-account, cloud connector, and integration suite for a 2-tier environment. This transformation allowed the seamless integration of SAP ECC with Gentran, Bizagi, Concur, and File-Share (RPM) through SAP Integration Suite.

SAP BTP Innovation Day, London
We will at the SAP BTP Innovation Day, London. Looking forward to meeting UK&I customers excited to share how we can accelerate your business potential and fuel innovation like never before with our digital applications and solutions, which bring efficiency, agility, and resiliency to your organization through the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP).
ASUG Best Practices: SAP for Oil, Gas, and Energy
September 12–14, 2022
We will participate in the upcoming ASUG Best Practices: SAP event for Oil, Gas and Energy, held at Hyatt Regency Dallas. Join us to learn more about how we are transforming our customers’ businesses to meet their sustainable, logistical, and technical challenges with SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP).
BTP Customer Executive Summit
September 14 in Mountain View, CA  | September 21 in Philadelphia, PA
Meet the Incture team at BTP Customer Executive Summit where our leaders and experts will share insights how we have been leveraging the SAP BTP platform to successfully build Cherrywork. It is a suite of digital applications delivering business value with agility and at scale to address evolving business requirements for customers looking for workflow simplification and automation for their enterprise core business processes.

Write to for more details!