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Intelligent Price Management


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Accelerate Digital Transformation with Incture
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Event Recap

Event Recap
Incture was at SAP TechED

Incture was excited to sponsor SAP TechEd this year. We had several engaging discussions with SAP teams and customers on Cherrywork Suite of Digital Applications and Products, powered by AI.

Built with SAP & customers, Cherrywork has become the largest suite of applications, complementing SAP portfolio in LoB and industry cloud. Incture has launched data analytics content packages on Datasphere along with Cherrywork suite of digital applications and products, powered by data & AI.

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The SAP TechEd Experience: In the Words of Our Leadership Team

Pic 1: Incture Team with Achim Kraiss & Piyush Gakhar | Pic 2: Sid Misra & Mark Wright with Priya Rao | Pic 3:
Dipankar Saha and Vishwanath Purohit | Pic 4: Inture team with Dr. Philipp Herzig

Cherrywork 4.0 Suite of Digital Applications

Cherrywork 4.0 Suite of Digital Applications
Cherrywork Industry 4.0 suite of digital applications are enabling our manufacturing customers to achieve greater productivity and customer satisfaction. This portfolio includes:

• Intelligent Maintenance & Operations

• Smart Warehouse

• Intelligent Manufacturing

• Intelligent Supply Chain

All these applications leverage advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, big data analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to enhance efficiency, visibility, and decision-making.

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Industry 4.

On Demand Webinar

On Demand Webinar
Streamlining Operations for Thai Union Group with SAP Integration Suite
Discover how we streamlined the B2B integrations and improved the trading partner management for our customer, Thai Union Group, a global seafood leader.

Gain insights from customer speaker Hitendra Panchal, Thai Union Group, and Incture speaker Vandana Dogra on how the company was able to successfully migrate their interfaces from BizTalk to SAP Integration Suite, reducing their partner onboarding time from 2 weeks to just 2 – 3 days.

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Data Management & Analytics Capabilities

Data Management & Analytics Capabilities
Data and Analytics for actionable business insights
Crafting innovative digital solutions driven by Generative AI
Data management and analytics are vital to meet and transcend business expectations. With the rise in data-centric approaches, one must prepare to be agile and resilient. Our data analytics services leverage best-in-class technology to amplify business performance.

Unlock data value with Incture.

· Co-innovation Approach

· Cloud-agnostic Capabilities

· Data Security and Governance

· Rapid Time to Value and Decision

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Crafting innovative digital solutions driven by Generative AI
Generative AI is a new technology with the potential to reimagine the way we develop and use digital solutions. But how do you know if it’s the right fit for your business?

In this blog post, we explore the use cases for Generative AI and how to combine it with other digital capabilities to create end-to-end solutions. We also share some examples of how our customers are leveraging generative AI to create value for their businesses.

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Case Study

Case Study
EDI Modernization for a Large Chocolate Manufacturer
We partnered with a US chocolate manufacturer to modernize their EDI by migrating 350+ maps from Gentran to SAP PO, integrating with 450+ partners, consolidating B2B architecture, and transforming message formats. This resulted in flexibility for business users, 2X faster onboarding, 100% cost reduction, and 35% map rationalization.

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Case Study on EDI Mordenization with SAP PO
A SAP DI and SAC Solution for BSP Compliance in a Leading Bank
A major Philippine bank faced challenges with manual Model Validation Framework processes and BSP compliance challenges. Incture’s solution integrated existing Cloudera models (R) with SAP Data Intelligence for validation and inference. A Maker Checker App streamlined Model Approval, while SAP Analytics Cloud provided metric reports and a Risk Tiering dashboard. This not only eliminated manual governance processes but also ensured scalability for compliance with BSP’s risk management initiatives, facilitating increased deployment of cross-sell/up-sell models in production.

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Case Study on SAP DI and SAC

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