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Accelerate Digital Transformation with Incture
Incture Monthly Newsletter – March 2023
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Move from a siloed structure to a connected enterprise
Streamline your business processes, improve collaboration, and reduce errors. by connecting your systems and applications with integration. It enables you to access accurate data in real-time, make informed decisions, and respond quickly to changing business needs. Learn More →
Our custom digital solutions and managed services are transforming businesses into intelligent enterprises

Our ability to craft solutions that transform the way businesses work is rooted in a deep understanding and passion for digital technologies. The custom solutions utilize the latest in cloud, integration and AI/ML and enable us to deliver breakthrough services and intelligent products in life sciences, manufacturing, consumer products, and oil & gas industries.

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Incture team has successfully completed Sprint1 event of SAP Automotive Industry Business Unit

Incture team designed and built the first version of Logistics Collaboration Hub extension solution for Just-in-Time Supply module of SAP as part of Sprint1 of SAP Hackathon Sprint Automative IBU.

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awards & recognition

SAP Innovation Award 2023 nomination: Streamlining and digitalizing the last-mile delivery

We’re excited to announce that we’ve submitted our nomination for SAP Innovation Award 2023 with our valued customer, Alfanar. We helped Alfanar streamline and digitalize their last-mile delivery process with our solution – Cherrywork® Proof of Delivery. This solution gave Alfanar more control over their operations leading to increased efficiency and on-time deliveries. This solution powered by the iOS SDK for SAP BTP leverages iOS features and integrates seamlessly with SAP systems to provide real time visibility into end mile logistic operations.

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sap innovation awards 2023
Transforming people, process, technology and organizations with design thinking
Design Mantrai Final
We have been a part of the SAP AppHaus Network community since 2020. Our Design Mantrai creative workspace, located at our headquarters in Bangalore, India, is a dedicated space to promote design-led innovation. The Sanskrit word ‘mantrai’ is derived from the roots ‘man’ – meaning ‘to think’ – and ‘trai’ – meaning ‘to do’. Our goal is to build design into the core of all our engagements, leveraging SAP products and technologies, by promoting a design workspace, a design mindset and design thinking. Learn More →
Groundbreaking ceremony of Incture Konark Digital Delivery Center
Bhumi pujan
Incture Konark Digital Delivery Center had the Groundbreaking Ceremony today. The upcoming campus located at Infovalley II, Jatani, Bhubaneswar will have capacity to accommodate 3000 employees and 1000 trainees at the Incture University in the campus. This center will be the Digital Engineering Hub from the East for the world, focused on building next-generation products and intelligent platforms for global enterprise customers. View Press Release →
Introducing Inchara: social impact organization of Incture
Our goal in Inchara is to make a positive change in society through our sustainability, digital literacy, diversity and inclusion, and sports development programs. We are happy to announce we are submitting Inchara’s nomination for the Social Impact category. Visit website →
Inchara Logo
Our annual celebration event #Samavesh was a huge success
We brought together customers, partners, and employees in Bangalore and Bhubaneswar. We showcased our product innovation and digital portfolio, including Cherrywork and custom digital solutions interactive demos to customers and received positive feedback. Watch video →
Samavesh 2023