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Accelerate Digital Transformation with Incture

Incture Monthly Newsletter – August 2023

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SAP BTP Live Lunch & Learn: Harnessing the Power of SAP BTP +Generative AI
Dipankar Rath from Incture will discuss how SAP BTP and Generative AI can be leveraged to enhance pricing and savings management, leading to increased efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Key Topics:

– Discover how Generative AI can be used to dynamically optimize pricing strategies based on real-time market data, customer preferences, and competitor actions, driving revenue growth and enhancing competitiveness.

– Learn how Generative AI can streamline savings management processes by automating the identification of cost-saving opportunities, forecasting future savings, and providing personalized recommendations for customers

Date: 11th Aug 2023

Time: 10:30 – 11:30 pm (IST)

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Simplify Pricing Strategy with Intelligent Price Management built on SAP BTP
Cherrywork®️ Intelligent Price Management is a cloud-based solution that helps manage your pricing challenges from deal management to price administration, execution, and analytics with greater ease and reliability. It is a single platform to manage both buy & sell side prices using advanced machine learning models to propose product prices.

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Webinar: Boost Revenue with Intelligent Price Management and SAP BTP
Join our webinar to learn how leading retailers and consumer brands are gaining a competitive edge with data-driven pricing and promotions using application built on SAP BTP. You’ll discover how to:

– Align pricing and promotions with customer demand to increase purchases and revenue.
– Overcome data silos for a 360-degree view of your business and customers.
– Tune pricing and promotions to today’s economic realities.
– Deploy best-in-class machine learning models for an optimized pricing strategy.

Date: 9th Aug 2023
Time : 10:30 – 11:00 am (EDT)

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WEBINAR ON-DEMAND – From Traditional to Intelligent: Embracing Smart Operations in the Warehouse
Learn how you can unlock supply chain efficiency with Cherrywork Smart Warehouse.

In this webinar, we showcased our customer success story featuring customers who has successfully implemented the solution and achieved remarkable results in terms of efficiency, cost savings, and customer satisfaction along with the demo.

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WEBINAR ON-DEMAND – Streamline your Accounts Payable Process

Discover how Cherrywork Accounts Payable Automation, a cloud-based application can streamline end-to-end operations for financial processes.

Gain insight into how hyper-automation can extend the business value of document-intensive finance processes by delivering faster, more efficient, flexible, and higher-quality results.

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Unleash digital innovation with SAP BTP

An American global pharmaceutical and healthcare corporation implemented our SAP BTP Starter Pack to build up the platform, run best practices workshops, assist the customer with setting up the necessary configurations, and configure the platform. All digital applications like EDI Dashboard Applications, Vendor Master Data Governance, Material Master Data Governance, Supplier Portal, and Sales Order Automation will be hosted in this platform.

Leveraging SAP Integration Suite to integrate Web Services

Our customer is one of the world’s largest seafood producers and has a significant presence in the seafood industry. They wanted to migrate the 11 web service interfaces which were running in BizTalk to SAP Integration suite. Developed integration flows to make them run through web services in SAP CPI and secure file transfer to the business. Leveraged SAP BTP Integration Suite capabilities to handle web service scenarios. and alert notification mechanism to improve monitoring capability. Learn more about our integration capabilities.

Empowering Customers to Improve Collaboration and Efficiency with SAP Integration

Our customer is a well-known brand that produces a wide range of protective coatings and paints. They wanted to implement technical services on the BTP landscape for the setup and activation of the Integration Suite and integrate SAP ECC with SAP Concur, Gentran, Bizagi, File-Share (RPM) using SAP Integration Suite. Book an Integration discovery workshop.

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