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Cherrywork Digital Applications

Pre-packaged, ready to deploy applications


Intelligent Task Management
Deliver Intelligent Notifications, Tasks and Process
Insights in Real-time

In-Store Perishables Management
Enable grocery retailers to prepare for
peak hour sales

Accounts Payable Automation
Automate Tasks for Better Visibility and Control
over Financial Data

Proof of Delivery
Organize, Manage and Track Shipment Detail
in Real-time

Supplier Collaboration Portal
Gain Control over Supplier Data and
Collaboration across the Processes

Collaborative Order Management
Simplify, Streamline and Integrate Orders to
Grow Revenues

Intelligent Price Management
Manage Pricing and Respond to Marketplace
Changes Quickly

HXM Modernization Suite
Deliver More Intuitive, Engaging Experiences that
Boost Productivity

Travel and Expense
Control and Manage Travel Expenses with
Real-time Visibility

Resource Management
Plan your Resources and Project Schedule

Time and Attendance
Manage the Total Workforce with Insights
and Flexibility

Advanced Metering Analytics
Transform SMART Meter Data into Actionable

Predictive Asset Maintenance
Balance Risk and Maximize Value Across the
Asset Lifecycle

Digital Solutions


Robotic Process Automation

Application & Process Integration
Connect People, Processes, and Applications to
Build an Intelligent Enterprise

Robotic Process Automation
Leverage Enterprise Mobile Applications for
Agility, Scalability, and Availability

User Experience
Visualize Business Operations with
User-Friendly and Intuitive Designs

Data Management and Analytics
Utilize Actionable Insights with Advanced Data Analytics

Robotic Process Automation
Robotic Process Automation


Robotic Process Automation
SAP BTP Starter Pack


Consumer Products & Retail
Drive Intelligent Value with Digital

Digitize E2E Value Chain

Oil and Gas
Extend Beyond the Barrel with Digital

Life Sciences
Improve Patient Outcomes and Safety

Inchara’s Pledge Campaign


4th July 2021

In today’s world, we are literally forced to look at life through a window. Since the pandemic, countless gray days have passed without any of us being able to leave our homes, visit our loved ones and have some peace of mind. This period has been especially worse for those less fortunate than ourselves, those who live hand to mouth, and for those for whom missed opportunities have a catastrophic impact on their lives.

How can we, from inside our windows, help the people around us?

Inchara believes that nothing is truly out of reach if we put our minds to it. We have decided, starting July 1st, 2021, to launch a pledge campaign wherein our volunteers can pledge to impact lives in the fields of education, environment, and COVID relief. We have proposed a set of pledges in each field that can be undertaken from home or while remaining socially distanced and safe.

In the education field, you can pledge to:

  • Donate a smart-phone to a student in need
  • Donate stationery to the local school
  • Donate old books to the local library
  • Read two articles regarding education and sustainability
  • Read a book about education
  • Volunteer to teach at least one session at the local orphanage
  • Share a social media post related to education and sustainability
  • Attend a session related to education and sustainability
  • Walk 1000 steps for 30 days to contribute towards education sustainability (for successful completion of this pledge, 1000 rupees will be donated towards education sustainability)
In the COVID relief area, you can pledge to:

  • Donate fresh meals to somebody affected by COVID-19
  • Volunteer at a COVID vaccination centre near you
  • Aid my domestic help get vaccinated
  • Donate food or supplies to an underprivileged locality near you
  • Donate masks, sanitizers and hygiene kits to an underprivileged neighbourhood near you
  • Help remove vaccine hesitancy near you
  • Walk 1000 steps for 30 days to contribute to COVID relief (for successful completion of this pledge, 1000 rupees will be donated towards COVID relief)

In the environment area, you can pledge to:

  • Plant more trees
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Avoid single-use plastic
  • Share my ride to work
  • Save water every day
  • Manage waste better
  • Walk 1000 steps for 30 days to contribute towards environment sustainability (for successful completion of this pledge, 1000 rupees will be donated towards education sustainability)

Any volunteer can take on one or more of these pledges and contribute to these fields in a safe, yet impactful manner. For every pledge you take, you will also receive a pledge badge and a feature of Inchara’s social media handles. This campaign ends on July 31st and the person who has created the most impact through this drive will win the title of Most Sustainable Volunteer.

We urge you all to please take on these pledges and join the Inchara family in being a part of the solution. You can always take more than one pledge from any of the given choices.

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