Inchara’s pledging success

We are extremely pleased to announce that our flagship Inchara Pledge Campaign has been an astounding success. During the month of July ‘21, we asked all Incturites to pledge for something they believe in. In these extraordinary times, where social distancing is the new normal, our valiant volunteers have taken on the path less traveled and made an impact that will continue to inspire us in the coming days. They have each taken a pledge. A pledge to make the world a little better than it is today – in their own way. 

The pledges catered to 3 primary avenues – Covid Relief, Educational and Environmental sustainability. We all rose to the occasion, inspired and did, what we do best. Some of our pledges were to share knowledge, spread awareness about sustainability, and helped to challenge the taboo against vaccination. Inchara draws immense inspiration from these superheroes in the real world, and we aspire to contribute, converse and conserve our society and environment in every way possible. 

A huge CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to all our sustainability heroes who have contributed to the Inchara pledge campaign of July 2021 and made it an astounding success as it is today.
Watch this space, for our pledgers.