Improving Order & Returns for a Major Market Expansion Group

About the Customer

The customer is a Swiss holding company specializing in various market expansion services like sourcing, developing, marketing and distributing of wide range of specialty chemicals and ingredients for pharmaceutical, personal care, food & beverage as well as various industrial applications.


The customer was facing major difficulties in manual and cumbersome process of sales order management. Lack of transparency in returns and exchange handling, collaboration between the customer and their partners. No real-time tracking of orders and return requests. Email-based approval process and lack of mobility.

  • Common platform for customer and their partners
  • Seamless integration with existing SAP ECC system
  • Harmonized and transparent Returns & Exchange handling
  • Business Rule-based and multi-level approval process
  • Intuitive web and mobile (Hybrid) application on SAP Fiori platform
  • Integration with 3rd party applications and external services
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Harmonized sales order management
  • User-guided Returns and Exchange handling
  • Elimination of email base approval process ( Unified Inbox for all approvals)
  • Real-time stock visibility
  • Highly illustrative Order status tracking
  • Mobility

Business Impact