Simplifying Travel and Expense Management

Cherrywork Travel Management system completely automates the Travel Request, before starting the trip and enables the payment of Travel Advances. The advance is later offset against the actual trip expenses. The Cherrywork Travel Management system report will be used to query and trips with advances that do not have actual expenses entered against.

Features and Benefits

An efficient self-service culture

Travel Management with Cherrywork drives efficient self service – its friendly user-interface and useful features encourage quick adoption and continued usage.

Policy Enforcement

Real savings can be made on every business trip as negotiated fares are applied on a systematic basis. In addition the automatic enforcement of travel policy means that time you spend applying policy to travel requests is minimized.

Negotiation leverage

Through the reporting solution integrated in SAP, you can use pertinent and timely data to negotiate advantageous contracts with travel service providers.

High Adoption Rates

Leveraging proven expertise in implementation project management and adoption strategies, Cherrywork can ensure rapid optimization of Travel Management and a high usage rate throughout your organization.

Improved Collaboration with 3rd party stakeholders

The app improves collaboration by integrating with third party systems from service providers such as, Travel Agents, logistics partners, lodging partners. The app integrates with SAP HCM’s Personnel Administration module and SAP SF Employee Central module. Travel Admin can configure the SLAs and triggers alerts, reminders and push notifications to encourage adherence.