Cherrywork Career Planning

Cloud enabled solution for strategic career and succession management.

Features and Benefits

Retain Key Talent

Identify key positions at bank by setting risk and position flags against each of them and determine essential competencies for each of the job to profile the knowledge, skills and attitude (KSA) needed for them to assess candidates’ competencies and conduct inventory of skills and preferences by conducting a skill gap analysis by comparing current KSA to set quality standards.

Enable strategic succession management

Make sense of your succession data with interactive 9-box grids, graphical organisation & succession charts and individual career summaries at your fingertips. Risks such as overdue moves, succession blockages or gaps, talent at risk or over-reliance on succession candidates can be easily resolved by getting a graphical insight into the organisational charts, succession charts and lineage charts.

Enhanced reporting

Evaluators gain a valuable resource insight to plan their career and succession strategies. The reporting engine intelligently captures employee data. To perform skill gap analysis, create organisational, succession and lineage charts and 9 box matrices

Improve Employee Engagement

Co-develop a career and succession plan for your employees by collaborating with all the stakeholders to act instantaneously on planning, approvals, delegations, and issues custom access permissions to all the collaborators.

Strengthen Employee Value Proposition

Empower your employees to proactively explore their career paths, assess their readiness, and address skill gaps through targeted development plans to prepare for future roles in the organisation by using the Career Worksheet.

Career Management

Fuel employee enablement by recommending career paths, job enhancement, vacancies and job rotations aligned to skills, goals, and aspirations.