The Fortune 500 are utilizing their GIC’s to centralize R&D and IT from staggered business ownership towards focused CXO leadership. Every GIC/GCC is at different stages of maturity depending on their current operating model and HQ needs.

Incture’s robust practices in Digital consulting, services and 15 years of proven work with capability centers enable Enterprise and tech product innovation at scale. We enable true data-driven bespoke process-driven solutions for customers based upon our in-depth understanding of current market needs

  • Increased operational efficiencies in program and backlog management
  • Ability to bring near term cost efficiency and enable long-term COE’s for key focus areas
  • Advantage of flexible and hybrid business engagement models to realize ROI faster
  • Ability to execute POC’s with access to plug n play talent pool
  • Better, faster, and more accurate decisions for GIC/GCC
  • Empowered business with enterprise data and content aggregation that is seamless, insightful, and useful

What can Incture do for you?

We help build advanced tech capabilities bespoke to the requirements of individual business units as well as for centralized IT. Helping centers to attract, retain, and develop a more flexible workforce. We invest in our partnerships with GIC/GCC’s to help provide better talent matches per demand, enabling builds, transfer, operating models for key projects resulting in higher utilization of available platforms. Our work with GIC/GCC’s globally has helped them increase platform adoption and focus on delivering long-term ROI goals for their leadership.

Cherrywork® Intelligent Digital Applications

Cherrywork®Intelligent Digital Applications are built on the SAP Cloud Platform. Building applications on this platform has helped our customers gain Agility, Flexibility, Efficiency, and Scale in addressing their business needs. The applications are ready to deploy and can be done in as less as 6 weeks and that’s a huge advantage for our customers looking for faster digital technology adoption. We have delivered close to 240+ cloud-based applications and have more than 2 million+ subscribers in our cloud user base.

Unified Digital Workplaces

Our Unified Digital Workplace Applications support the composition, management, delivery, and optimization of contextualized digital experiences.

Human Experience Management (HXM) Modernization

Digital Platforms and Technologies

Incture has pioneered in addressing complex business transformation challenges on the SAP business technology platform that connect processes and experiences with its data management, analytics, AI, ML, IoT, and intelligent process automation services.

RPA     • AI/ML     • Data Management & Analytics     • Integration & Networks     • Internet of Things     • Mobility & UX    • Chatbots    • iBPMS     • Decision Modelling

Case Studies

15% improved productivity and 60% reduction in cycle time with Integrated Operations Platform for an Oil and Gas Company in the US

Enhanced Employee Experience & reduced processing time by ~80%, transaction complete in 3 clicks and ~2 secs, for a large Public Sector Bank in India

Accelerated speed to market from 18 weeks to 3 weeks and achieved automation of steps in material life with reduction in human intervention ~30% for one of the oldest multinational consumer goods companies selling products in 100+ countries