Cherrywork® Workbox for a Bottling Group of a Global Conglomerate

About the Customer

The customer is part of the bottling group of conglomerate owned bottling operations. This group is primarily focused on markets in India, Southeast Asia, and Southwest Asia, covering 10+ countries with 30+ bottling plants and 16k employees, serving more than 1 billion consumers.


The customer was looking to increase the productivity of its employee workforce comprising managers and senior managers, by providing them with a single approval platform for task approvals


Cherrywork® Workbox application fetches work items from different source systems available in the customer landscape and enables them to close tasks on-the-go by using native mobile applications with offline capabilities. This product added intelligence to productivity apps. by using AI-enabled virtual assistant to enquire about work, get insights, and close work using natural language processing.

  • Productivity increase for key stakeholders.
  • Faster turnaround time for critical work items.
  • Offline capabilities added for ease-of-use​
  • Improved collaboration across team members

Business Impact