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Pre-packaged, ready to deploy applications


Intelligent Task Management
Deliver Intelligent Notifications, Tasks and Process
Insights in Real-time

In-Store Perishables Management
Enable grocery retailers to prepare for
peak hour sales

Accounts Payable Automation
Automate Tasks for Better Visibility and Control
over Financial Data

Proof of Delivery
Organize, Manage and Track Shipment Detail
in Real-time

Supplier Collaboration Portal
Gain Control over Supplier Data and
Collaboration across the Processes

Mobility for Warehouse
Ensuring data accuracy for inventory and
boost warehouse operation efficiency.

Collaborative Order Management
Simplify, Streamline and Integrate Orders to
Grow Revenues

Intelligent Price Management
Manage Pricing and Respond to Marketplace
Changes Quickly

HXM Modernization Suite
Deliver More Intuitive, Engaging Experiences that
Boost Productivity

Permit to Work
Automate work permit approval processes
and ensures safe operation.

Resource Management
Plan your Resources and Project Schedule

Advanced Metering Analytics
Transform SMART Meter Data into Actionable

Predictive Asset Maintenance
Balance Risk and Maximize Value Across the
Asset Lifecycle

Pipeline Corrosion and Leak Detection
Identify pipelines susceptible to leaks & corrosion
and manage the complete pipeline lifecycle.

Digital Solutions


Robotic Process Automation

SAP BTP Starter Pack
Enable Digital Transformation to Strengthen Operations with SAP BTP Services

Robotic Process Automation

Application & Process Integration
Connect People, Processes, and Applications to
Build an Intelligent Enterprise

Robotic Process Automation

Leverage Enterprise Mobile Applications for
Agility, Scalability, and Availability

User Experience
Visualize Business Operations with
User-Friendly and Intuitive Designs

Data Management and Analytics
Utilize Actionable Insights with Advanced Data Analytics

Robotic Process Automation
Digitize Time-consuming Tasks and Processes
with Intelligent Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Discover Next-level Business Automation with
Our Hyperautomation Solutions

Robotic Process Automation

Design Mantrai
Transform Your Organization with Design-led
Innovation and Technology

Robotic Process Automation

Cloud Migration
Enhance Your Business Capabilities with
Cloud Migration Services


Consumer Products & Retail
Drive Intelligent Value with Digital

Digitize E2E Value Chain

Oil and Gas
Extend Beyond the Barrel with Digital

Life Sciences
Improve Patient Outcomes and Safety


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SAP Innovation Pitch Decks

Evolve as a Business by Migrating to SAP Cloud Platform Portal


22nd July 2021

The global enterprise portal market size is forecasted to touch USD 41 billion by 2023, as per the latest findings by Market Research Future (MRFR). It is likely to exhibit a 23% CAGR over the forecast period (2017-2023)1North America region is expected to drive the enterprise portal market than that of other regions and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.3%, during the period 2015-2020 2. Thousands of customers around the world run SAP Enterprise Portal successfully to provide their employees, customers, and partners a central and intuitive access point to business applications, information, and services. In Q2, SAP was ranked No. 1 by software revenue for 2018 in Gartner’s May “Market Share Analysis: ERP Software, Worldwide, 2018” report.

The SAP Cloud Platform Portal will give the business an edge as it is more flexible & multi-channel. Now let us check out few benefits:

  • Intuitive and engaging user experience: Create business sites with pages, apps, out-of-the-box widgets, and a site menu, using SAP Fiori 3 or custom site designs
  • Secure access to apps: Use role-based navigation and single sign-on to easily access different types of apps such as SAPUI5, SAP GUI for HTML, and Web Dynpro ABAP
  • The central entry point for accessing apps: Access apps and integrate content from SAP products and other content providers in a uniform manner, allowing users to centrally access the content they need to fulfill their tasks.
  • Site administration tools: Use the administration tools to support the entire lifecycle of Portal sites, including themes, transport, translation, templates, and extensions, and more
  • Content administration tools: Manage and configure Portal content items such as apps, roles, groups, and catalogs
  • Embedded launchpad in business solutions: Add a launchpad module to your business solution and benefit from the launchpad runtime capabilities such as personalization, translation, and custom themes.
  • Expose business solution for consumption: Expose your business solution as a SaaS content provider and enable users to consume your content through the Portal.

With its compelling forte in SAP Cloud Platform, Incture can help customers spearhead the migration to SAP Cloud Platform Portal. 2+million users across the globe use Incture Apps across 170 countries. Incture has delivered 100+ UI modernization projects on SAP Cloud Platform in the last few years. Collaborating with Incture puts the customers on an accelerated journey to the Cloud with:

  • Consultative Approach: Assessment of current environment, identifying technology gaps & evaluating the viability of different technology solutions. ​
  • Enhanced User Experience Customized solution defined by the end-user experience and how it will improve job function and productivity for the customer’s unique environment.
  • Risk Reduction: Migration ensuring minimal data loss. ​
  • Design-led Execution: Migration process with design thinking, leading to an agile and cost-effective solution that meets current needs while providing access to other critical digital applications and services that are part of Incture’s core expertise and portfolio.​


  2. SAP Quarterly Statement, Q2 2019
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