Industry customized solutions delivering superior energy industries’ values

The world of energy and natural resources is ever-changing, facing unprecedented challenges of commodity price volatility due to changing customer behavior. Digital is the future and industry success lies in leveraging the industrial strengths of data, assets, workforce, and resources to gain sustainable competitive advantages.  

Incture’s robust solutions in the energy and natural resources industry generate superior sustainable values for the customers. We enable true data-driven solutions by utilizing various cutting-edge technologies to translate raw data into valuable insights. Our expertise in this journey begins from an integrated operations platform to predictive asset analytics to process automation solutions, specially customized to help the client’s business in a much simpler way. We use the SAP Analytics suite (powered by HANA Cloud Platform) and many other third-party technologies to drive Machine Learning, AI & Data Visualization solutions for the industry. 

Customized energy industry solutions include design, development, implementation, and support of: 

  • Integrated Operations Platform 
  • Advance Asset Analytics 
  • Mobility as an Enabler for managing the Field Services 
  • Intelligent Robotic Process Automation 

  • Integrated Operations Platform
  • Digital Oil Field
  • Predictive Maintenance for Assets
  • Mobility enabled operations
  • Connected workforce
  • Enhanced safety for field operations
  • 24X7 virtual support and AR/VR capabilities
  • Advanced Analytics for the energy distribution
  • 3D enabled maintenance support
  • Pipeline Analytics
  • Digital twin

Business Impact

Increase Operational efficiency

Ensure Safer Work environment

Generate Digital Value chain


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