Enabling the Intelligent Enterprise with SAP in South East Asia


19th June 2021

Incture sales and marketing team partnered with the SAP Platform & Technologies team in South East Asia for the Lead with Enterprise Analytics & Digital Platform LEAD event covering 5 cities including Manila – Singapore – Bangkok – Jakarta – Kuala Lumpur, to share our experience in driving operational, organizational, and customer value with the latest SAP technologies in these markets.

At this event, we had an opportunity to showcase our innovative solutions and discuss the creation of digital transformation roadmaps by connecting data, processes and people on the SAP Digital Platform. We exchanged interesting ideas and viewpoints on how we can jointly add value with our great partnership and help our clients in their data migration, quality management, transformation and governance journeys. We also shared our data analytics capabilities and use cases that have enabled several companies in this region to improve business performance and customer experience. 

Developing predictive models to validate the structural soundness of electrical poles, automating insurance claim process for a large hospital chain, setting up digital oil fields for energy resource companies, managing identity authentication for a leading real estate developer, enabling the API economy with enterprise integration and orchestration and digitizing the field sales operations across industries — are just few of the use cases Incture Technologies has built on the SAP Cloud Platform. These use cases have proven to enable the enterprise to drive business agility and innovation. We were excited to do show-and-tell demo sessions for attendees at the event. Two of our showcase solutions — Workbox and Proof of Delivery (POD) also gained significant traction at the event.

We look forward to strengthening our partnership with SAP to co-innovate on intelligent technologies, analytics and digital platform for data management in the region.

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