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Empowering Millennials with a Unified Digital Workplace using Disruptive Technologies


11th September 2021

Millennials use technology differently than other generations, and in fact, expect to have the same kind of experience at work as they do in their personal lives. According to the latest studies in understanding millennial adoption of digital technologies, more than 40% of millennials say they will not work for an organization that doesn’t offer them the freedom and flexibility of a digital workspace: a feeling shared by only 22% of workers from other generations. The millennial’s preference for online communication and collaboration, and corresponding reluctance to communicate by phone or face-to-face, is already influencing various collaboration platforms.

Here are five ways that millennials are shaking up the workforce-

  • Emotional Intelligence driving the culture of the company

People are becoming more self-aware of their emotions at work. That helps employees relate to their work and their co-workers too.

  • Authentic Transparency

Millennials interact with brands that are open and transparent, stand for more than their bottom line, and address environmental and socio-economic issues in the community.

  • Remote Work Revolution

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), millennials may not even consider a job opportunity if it doesn’t offer remote working. They want flexibility and the option for remote work. 

  • Strong Professional and Personal Balance

While the new generation receives a lot of flak for not accepting traditional working methods, they’re the only generation speaking up and fighting for balance. This outspokenness is helping to speed up the process forcing companies to re-evaluate their benefit offerings with a strong focus on work-life harmony.

  • Savvy High-Tech Influence

As the tech boom spreads globally, companies are shifting away from traditional paper trail methods. They are focusing on enhancing their systems and equipment to increase speed and efficiency. The new generation is more flexible, open to change and willing to get hands-on with new technologies.


Companies can reap many benefits from joining the tech revolution, from saving time and money to creating a better experience for clients and employees while expanding their reach. Empowering employees digitally is not only about increasing productivity, but also encouraging innovation, collaboration and creativity. Incture’s digital worker strategy is about moving away from a PC dominated way of working to adopting newer technologies which are more app dominated, cloud-based and extremely people-centric. Our Unified Digital Workplace Solution is tailor-made for millennials. It simplifies HR workflows with intelligent process automation services, data analytics and conversational AI, for our customers. We can build and extend personalized, collaborative, mobile-enabled applications on SAP SuccessFactors Cloud in 8 weeks!

Request for a demo to learn more about our HR capabilities-

Raghu Pavan TS

The Director of HR Apps at Incture, Raghu Pavan has 16+ years of experience working with some of the biggest names in the technology sector. He started as an industrial engineer and then moved on to become an SAP consultant for SRIT and then IBM. He then worked in a managerial position at Accenture for 7 years. Raghu Pavan brings with him a high level of expertise in the SAP HR domain.

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