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Empowering Digital Workers with Total Workforce Management on SAP Cloud Platform


5th August 2021

One of the biggest technology needs in 2019 is total workforce management (TWM), which drives employee ecosystems towards technology and financial efficiency. Whether it’s new process owners or those looking to improve processes on the road to digital transformation, TWM helps companies gain the data and fiscal insights that their stakeholders expect.

Total Workforce Management needs to keep track of the various sources of data and streamline them into a single data universe. Companies that can leverage this overwhelming volume of data can draw truly meaningful insights to gain a competitive edge. We call these companies ‘intelligent enterprises’.

SAP offers several core solutions for workforce-related processes, which include SAP SuccessFactors for HR processes, SAP Fieldglass for the contingent workforce, SAP S/4HANA for finance and SAP Concur for Travel and Expense. These solutions create a standard structure of processes and workflows, based on over 30 years of expertise in their respective lines of business. However, in order to take the next step and bring all these processes together to truly create an ‘intelligent enterprise’, you need an SAP partner ecosystem. One of the SAP partners who can help you in this endeavour is Incture.

Incture can help you become ‘intelligent’ by integrating technologies and services into this core framework provided by SAP. They do this by tapping into the power of an SAP Digital Platform— the foundational business technology platform for the intelligent enterprise. SAP Cloud Platform is a business Platform as a Service (PaaS) that provides agile innovation for customers and partners; it has in-memory capabilities that can be leveraged using SAP HANA, core platform services, and unique business services for connecting, creating, integrating, and extending cloud applications.

By utilizing the capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform, Incture helps companies extend workflows outside of standard solutions and enables them to build exactly what they need more quickly, easily, and economically – all without the requirement of maintaining or investing in on-premises infrastructure. This is a way to “future-proof” your investment because you can seamlessly innovate and embed the latest technologies as soon as they are created. Incture enables this extensibility so that companies can take manual processes still happening outside of traditional SaaS solutions and bring them into the SAP framework, not only maximizing a customer’s investment with innovative solutions but also enabling total data visibility and completely radicalizing traditional processes.

One example is Workbox, Incture’s unified inbox that comes with pre-packaged workflows and User Interface (UI) templates. By integrating Workbox with SAP SuccessFactors, Incture creates a consolidated workbench where process owners, managers and actors can easily manage multiple processes, projects and employees. Workbox can also create a bridge between SAP SuccessFactors and cutting-edge technologies such as AI, embedded analytics, and mobile technology. As an example of what this solution is capable of, let’s look at how it streamlines and accelerates the recruitment process. The Workbox conversational AI helps guide potential employees to the relevant career opportunities within a particular company, engaging in conversation to discover their qualifications and suitability for open roles. This shift from manual engagement to chatbot-powered navigation significantly cuts down on time spent on the hiring cycle and the recruitment team gets involved when the engagement needs are tangible, and the chance of hiring the right candidate is more predictable and accurate.

Workbox offers similar value additions across the digital worker lifecycle, from onboarding to development to performance management to reward and recognition. It is a holistic solution that enables Total Workflow Management by automating repetitive and linear tasks and shifting the HR focus to performance management, development and growth of the digital worker. To find out more about this solution, request an interactive demo from the Incture team at

To hear more about why customers and partners are innovating, integrating and extending business applications with SAP Cloud Platform, go to

Sylvie Otten Sollod

About the Author: Currently a Senior Director of SAP Digital Platform Product Marketing, Sylvie leads a team responsible for supporting the SAP Lines of Business and End-to-End Processes, the SAP Ecosystem, and SAP key Industries. Sylvie has over 25 years of marketing and business development experience in information technology. She has worked in various roles within marketing and business development in the US and EMEA and enjoys meeting customers, cultivating relationships, and understands the importance of collaboration with a broad partner ecosystem to drive revenue and seek out emerging markets for growth opportunities. She enjoys collaboration, mentoring and empowering others for success.

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