About Eklavya Graduate Program

Eklavya Graduate Program’s objective is to train young engineering graduates and provide them an opportunity to grow in the field of enterprise applications and technologies.  We focus on holistic skill building, including personality development, business communication & ethics and customer engagement. We provide ample opportunities for our graduates to learn emerging technologies and apply this learning on real-time projects. For further information, please reach out to us at campusconnect@incture.com

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Eklavya Graduate Program Training

Front End

SAP Fiori, SAP UI5, SAP Screen Personas, Android (Studio, Eclipse, Phone gap, Cordova), iOS (Objective C, Swift), Web (Angular JS, BootStrap,HTML/CSS3, Xcode)


SAP Gateway, SAP HANA, SAP NetWeaver, ABAP, Node JS, Mongo D/B, Image Magick, Elastic Search, Socket.io, Redis, Nginx, Apache Tika, SAP Master Data Management

RPA , Micro Focus UFT, Selenium, Appium, Instruments, LoadRunner, Jmeter, FLOODIO , DDMS, Android SDK, API Automation, POSTMAN, Rest Client, Jira, HP ALM, DevOps via Jenkins, GIT HUB, SONAR Cube
AWS, Microsoft Azure, Big Data – Apache Spark/Hadoop, IoT, SAP HANA Cloud Platform

SAP Process Orchestration, SAP Operational Process Intelligence, SAP HANA Cloud Integration

UI/UX Design

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Invision, Proto.io, Fluid

Meet Our Eklavyans


“I completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Information Science and Engineering at SJCE Mysore and joined Incture Technologies in July 2016 as part of the Eklayya program. I was instantly impressed by the level of technical support and guidance this program provided, which made my transition into technology smooth and put me at ease from the very start. During this time, I have worked with a broad range of technologies including Selenium, Java, Mobile application testing, and RPA, to name a few. The great thing about working at Incture is the diverse customers you get to work with. By working on large projects, alongside experienced developers, I have quickly got to grips with new technology in a short span of time. Working with senior developers and solution architects has also helped me make an informed decision on my career direction. I am proud of what I have achieved, and it is fantastic to know that thousands of users are benefiting from products that I helped to create.”

“I completed my B.Tech  in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the Institute of Engineering & Management, MAKAUT, West Bengal, and joined Incture Technologies in December 2018. I consider myself lucky to work in an office with such caring and like-minded employees. During my Eklavya Training program, I was impressed with the level of technical support and guidance I got, which made the transition into technology smooth and put me at ease from the very start. I now have hands-on experience in a broad range of technologies including Java, CPI, and frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, and many other SAP-related technologies. The great thing about working at Incture is the exposure to diverse customer projects of varying degrees of complexity. Currently, I am working on Incture’s Account Payable Automation product. By working on large projects with senior developers and solution architects, I’m able to learn and scale my ability to meet customer requirements quickly. I am proud to share what I have achieved at Incture and it is amazing to know that thousands of users are benefiting from our products and solutions. I must thank all the people from Incture for being some of the most interesting people I’ve ever worked with. You all are the best!”

“I started my career at Incture Technologies as a part of the Eklavya program 2017 batch, post completing my MCA from MNNIT Allahabad. Through the Eklavya program, we have not only improved our technical skills but also our soft skills. It also made us realize how our goals are aligned with Incture’s strategy and business plan and how our contribution is making a difference. I am proud to work for Incture since it gives me the chance to be part of a professional and dynamic team. It is a place where teamwork skills are encouraged and highly valued. The management team here is phenomenal. They are helpful, caring, and professional. Our relationship with them has been of true partnership. The company supported me in setting my goals, studying and growing with projects, and providing me with career guidance. It is a people-first company, and this is demonstrated in the kind of projects we get to work on and the customers we get to interact with, on a daily basis. It is a privilege to work for Incture and I am grateful for the experience and the difference it has brought to my professional journey thus far.”

“I started working at Incture in November 2015 after completing my graduation in BCA from Sant Singaji Institute of Science and Management, Indore. Time has flown and I cherish all the memories of the people I have met so far. I have learned and grown professionally and personally. During my Eklavya Training Program, I had the opportunity to work with different teams working on diverse, yet complex technologies. I was constantly challenged and also given guidance to find new avenues to work through them. It has been 4+ years and I met experts, made friends and enhanced my knowledge and skills during this journey. Incture is a promising hi-growth company and a hotbed of opportunities for those willing to learn and stretch themselves. This is a company where you always have a voice in your team no matter who you are and I am glad to be a part of it!!”