Connected Systems, Connected Processes

Digital Ecosystems

A digital ecosystem is the connection of people, processes, data and technologies that share the use of digital platforms. Multi-partner digital ecosystems are becoming the pre-eminent form of collaboration to support new digital business models. Incture’s Digital Ecosystems solutions leverage an integrated set of core SAP and non-SAP technologies to support the composition, management, delivery and optimization of contextualized digital experiences in an enterprise.

  • Deep industry insights
  • Profound customer understanding
  • Business and technology landscape understanding
  • Omnichannel experience
  • Collaboration and self-service
Business Impact
  • Tangible value to customers
  • Improved customer experience
  • Continuous and effective best-of-bread approach
  • Enhanced collaboration in ecosystem
  • Critical mass to scale and innovative solutions

Case Studies

Digital Oil Field for a leading US Oil & Gas Company

Effective & efficient crowd management for a government agency in the Middle East

Digitization of the insurance claim process between hospitals and insurance companies for one of the largest private healthcare groups in South-East Asia