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Design Mantrai

Design Mantrai is a creative workspace to promote design-led innovation. The Sanskrit word mantrai is derived from the root
man – “to think” and trai – “to do”.

The goal is to build design at the core of all our engagements leveraging SAP products and technologies, by promoting



Incture’s vision is to enhance people’s lives with digital systems and bring a human-centered approach to solve business challenges and create measurable value. Design Mantrai, which is part of the SAP App Haus network, embodies this vision. The workspace can be leveraged by SAP, customers and the developer community to share experiences, best practices and values in design thinking and engineering.

Win by Design: Reimagining the Future Workspace
Win by Design: Reimagining the Future Workspace

“Design thinking is not a linear path. It’s a big mass of looping back to different places in the process.” –David Kelley, Founder of IDEO Design Thinking is not a…

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