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Cherrywork Digital Applications

Pre-packaged, ready to deploy applications


Intelligent Task Management
Deliver Intelligent Notifications, Tasks and Process
Insights in Real-time

In-Store Perishables Management
Enable grocery retailers to prepare for
peak hour sales

Accounts Payable Automation
Automate Tasks for Better Visibility and Control
over Financial Data

Proof of Delivery
Organize, Manage and Track Shipment Detail
in Real-time

Supplier Collaboration Portal
Gain Control over Supplier Data and
Collaboration across the Processes

Collaborative Order Management
Simplify, Streamline and Integrate Orders to
Grow Revenues

Intelligent Price Management
Manage Pricing and Respond to Marketplace
Changes Quickly

HXM Modernization Suite
Deliver More Intuitive, Engaging Experiences that
Boost Productivity

Travel and Expense
Control and Manage Travel Expenses with
Real-time Visibility

Resource Management
Plan your Resources and Project Schedule

Time and Attendance
Manage the Total Workforce with Insights
and Flexibility

Advanced Metering Analytics
Transform SMART Meter Data into Actionable

Predictive Asset Maintenance
Balance Risk and Maximize Value Across the
Asset Lifecycle

Digital Solutions


Robotic Process Automation

Application & Process Integration
Connect People, Processes, and Applications to
Build an Intelligent Enterprise

Robotic Process Automation
Leverage Enterprise Mobile Applications for
Agility, Scalability, and Availability

User Experience

Robotic Process Automation
Data Management and Analytics
Robotic Process Automation


Lead to Cash

Record to Report

Hire to Retire
Source to Pay
Consumer Products & Retail
Drive Intelligent Value with Digital

Digitize E2E Value Chain

Oil and Gas
Extend Beyond the Barrel with Digital

Life Sciences
Improve Patient Outcomes and Safety

Accurate, Faster and Better Data-Driven and Business Decisions
The world of business is a data-focused world, yet it is important to recognize that data is not an end unto itself. Like everything else, data is a tool filled with promise. In the right hands with the proper approaches, the potential for data to support business decision-making is remarkable. Incture’s robust practices in Data Management & Analytics enables business decision-making by applying science to data. We enable true data-driven solutions for customers. We utilize various cutting edge technologies to translate raw data into meaningful information. Our experience in this journey begins from Data Acquisition to Data Preparation/Exploration to Data Modelling and leading to meaningful Analytics that can be consumed by business in a much simpler way. We use SAP Analytics suite (powered by HANA Cloud Platform) and many other third-party technologies to drive Machine Learning, AI & Data Visualization for the business.


Business Consulting
Business Analysis Data Science Program Enterprise Data Models Assessment Data Life Cycle Design Data Asset Development
Tech Performing & Roadmap
Reference Architecture & Roadmap Migration & Infra Modernization Big Data / Data Lake Setup Data Warehouse Design & Modernization Data Integration & Acquisition
Reports & Dashboard Development Data Modelling Data Processing & ETL Tech Consulting
Packaged Services
Pre-built ML Models Reports & Dashboard Templates Enterprise Data Models Industry & LOB Models
Case Studies
Reducing overall pole failure rates from 8% to under 3% along with a reduction in the number of manual inspections, resulted in cost savings, for an electricity distribution company in the US

Detecting oil production anomalies caused due to Oil Separator Maintenance issues with machine learning-based model, for an upstream Oil & Gas company in the US

Creating a unified view of data by building an intelligent digital data platform that aggregates information from multiple sources and formats, for a large development bank in the Middle East