Creating Differentiated Customer Experiences for a Connected Enterprise


3rd May 2021

According to Gartner, more than 66% of CEOs say they plan to change their business model in the next three years, with 62% reporting they have management initiatives or transformation programs underway to make their business more digital.

The digital growth we are seeing today is also driven by transformative shifts in customer needs and will compel enterprises to build a single view of their customers. To deliver this single view customer experience requires end-to-end integration across the total value chain. The key to success is to use and integrate existing tools and applications wisely and leverage real-time data access to proactively address customers in a smarter and more personalized way. The walls that exist between departments — sales, service, marketing, operations, technology, HR and finance today, must dissolve as enterprises develop a holistic view of the lifetime economic value of the customer. Technology enablement and innovation is at the core of connecting the enterprise facilitating access to deep, data-driven customer insights, and offering differentiated customer experiences, which combined, inspires customer satisfaction and loyalty.

As a trusted SAP Global Partner, Incture Technologies aims to enrich your customer experience with SAP solutions and to support your digital transformation.

We’ve packaged 240+ applications over 12 years with our deep industry insights into a set of leading practices, processes and SAP digital technologies. We provide integrated business and industry digital roadmaps, data models, key performance indicators and SAP-based industry solutions that help organizations maximize the effectiveness and financial impact of their operations, sales, service and marketing functions. We look forward to meeting you at booth #354 SapphireNow + #ASUGAnnualConference2019, where we’ll be showcasing our transformational, business-enabling SAP solutions. This is your opportunity to discover how to accelerate your journey to the #ConnectedEnterprise by uniting your enterprise-wide processes with Incture as your technology partner.

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