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Crafting innovative digital solutions driven by Generative AI


Pratik Khandelwal

16th Oct 2023

Generative AI
Every time a new fundamental technology has been introduced it has made enterprise re-look and review their technology landscapes and re-look at the way of doing things for potential innovation in. Generative AI promises to be one such pivotal moment in this ongoing evolution.
We’ve been closely following the developments and excitement surrounding Generative AI and engaged in discussions and pilot implementations for customers who are eager to make a head-start in this space. While some of the challenges and risks in this space are now evident, with time, the ecosystem will evolve and develop strategies to address many of the concerns.

The use cases: Getting it right

While each industry may present unique use cases, there are certain horizontal use cases and solutions which will get adopted across industries.

Ideal use cases being the ones involving Language orientated tasks, where human effort is high but the validation of results is relatively easier leading to higher automation and business value realisation

From our discussions with select customers on this journey, notable use cases have been around the intelligent virtual assistants or co-pilots to enhance problem-solving for employees and customers. Assistants which are capable of handling diverse digital content, analyzing data from various sources, and delivering empathetic, human-like answers to specific questions.

Combining digital capabilities with Generative AI for the right use cases:

Generative AI can serve as the  core of a solution, yet in many instances, it will primarily be an enabler, which can incrementally help do things better, faster and cheaper.

When Generative AI capabilities are integrated with other digital services (available on most cloud platforms), it can help in crafting end to end digital solutions to solve business problems.

Let’s take a closer look at some possibilities:

  • Integrating with existing documents and data repositories.
  • Extracting, segmenting and indexing Text from documents and media after any translation.
  • Using Cognitive and Semantic Search capabilities to retrieve pertinent content.
  • Making use of orchestration frameworks like LangChain to link various steps/actions of interacting        with Language Models
  • Adding workflows to initiate actions in response to generated

Lets look at some use cases to corroborate this further –

A smart field assistant solution designed for field operators to access essential information regarding equipment and machine components in a human-like conversational manner. This use case is particularly pertinent in industries such as manufacturing, oil & gas, or any field involving machinery. The solution combines Generative AI + digital services to:

  • Search through all documents related to specific machine and its context
  • Give relevant answers to deep queries around the context
  • Direct user to relevant documentation for traceability
  • Generate a checklist based on the curated responses
  • Facilitate task updates through audio notes

    Which eventually would help:

    • Enhanced resolution time and accuracy.
    • Insights for addressing underlying machinery issues and anomalies
    • Take Knowledge Management to the next level of maturity

      SA supplier onboarding assistant empowered by Generative AI capabilities for procurement teams. This cross-industry solution can bring in the the following capabilities:

      • Automating the extraction and analysis of content from supplier-provided documents.
      • Summarising the contents of these documents efficiently for review
      • Identifying observations and risks contained within the documents with traceability, for e.g. penalty clauses.
      • Integration of these steps into the overall onboarding approval workflow for the procurement team to take informed actions

        To conclude …

        The essence lies in exploration, controlled experimentation and evaluation of results – to craft impactful digital solutions

        More use cases and solutions will emerge, influencing others to adopt them as well. However, it’s also essential to exercise caution and avoid creating solutions and then trying to find a problem they can solve.
        At Incture, we’ve established an Innovation Lab dedicated to developing solutions using Generative AI for our clients and for our product line Cherrywork. If you are in the midst of exploring the Generative AI space, do connect and reach out to us for potential collaboration and co-innovation.