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Transforming Operational Efficiency for a Prestigious Beauty Brand

Collaborating with Incture to Overcome Operational Hurdles

As a pioneer in prestige beauty, the customer leads the way in innovation and excellence within the cosmetics industry. Renowned for crafting consumer-beloved brands that epitomize luxury and quality, they market and sell skincare, makeup, fragrance, and hair care products worldwide. With their commitment to creativity, innovation, and community impact, they strive to beautify the world and inspire possibility as well as positive change. 

The customer collaborated with Incture to simplify their claims and returns processes. By utilizing Incture’s SAP expertise, they automated these essential processes, leading to significant cost reductions, better transparency, and increased overall benefits for the customer.


 Paperless Process

Upto 40%

 Saving due to Digitalization


Real-time visibility on all

returns related activities


The Toll of Manual Operations on the Customer’s Operational Efficiency

The customer faced significant challenges stemming from a highly manual process dispersed across multiple systems. Primarily, the reliance on email and phone communication between retailers and customer service led to a cumbersome workflow, with an average of approximately ten emails exchanged per case. The manual exchange of information resulted in inefficiencies and increased the probability of miscommunications and errors, prolonging customer issue resolution time.

The absence of real-time claims tracking intensified the operational challenges faced by the customer. Without a proper system in place, tracking the status and progress of claims became time-consuming and involved a lot of effort. The paper-based approval process added another layer of complexity, with an average of around thirty paper documents required per case file. The paper-intensive approach posed environmental concerns and heightened the risk of document loss or misplacement, adding to the customer’s administrative burdens.

The customer was also presented with a very high turnaround time of 3-4 weeks for each claim, impacting customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. The prolonged processing time strained resources and undermined their ability to meet customer expectations for timely resolution of issues. Additionally, the lack of integration with the backend ERP system further compounded the challenges, limiting data visibility and hindering seamless communication and coordination across departments


Enhancing Customer Experience with Incture’s Cherrywork® Intelligent Returns and Claims Management


Incture understood the customer’s challenges with the manual processes and used Cherrywork® Intelligent Returns and Claims Management to address their concerns. Cherrywork® Intelligent Returns and Claims Management offers an intuitive pre-packaged solution tailored for distributors supporting digital innovation, transformation, and the adoption of new business processes. With seamless integration into existing ERP systems, this solution facilitates the effortless creation and tracking of returns. 

Powered by the SAP BTP, Cherrywork® Intelligent Returns and Claims Management solution empowered the customer to optimize cross-department processes, reduce costs, and ensure effective collaboration between teams within their organization. By organizing and centralizing returns management, Incture’s solution simplified complex workflows and enabled distributors to deliver exceptional customer service.


The Remarkable Benefits of Incture’s Cherrywork® Solution

Incture’s implementation of Cherrywork® Intelligent Returns and Claims Management resulted in a 100% paperless process for claims management. By digitizing their operations, the customer experienced a significant reduction in overall execution lead time, streamlining their processes and enhancing efficiency. 

The real-time tracking of claims provided visibility into all returns-related processes. The transparency afforded by reporting and dashboard capabilities enabled the customer resources to provide exceptional customer services. With enhanced visibility and real-time updates, both retailers and customer service teams gained insights into the status and progress of claims, accelerating the issue resolution process and enhancing customer satisfaction. 

Incture’s fully audit-compliant solution ensured adherence to regulatory standards, providing the customer with peace of mind and confidence in the integrity of the processes. The adoption of a paperless process resulted in up to 40% savings due to digitization, establishing the tangible benefit of Cherrywork® Intelligent Returns and Claims Management.