Cherrywork On-boarding: Ensuring Success for New Hires

Cherrywork On-boarding: Ensuring Success for New Hires

How does it feel if you don’t receive a welcome mail from your manager on the very first day of your joining? A recent survey of employees claimed that more than 70% of new hires decide whether to continue with a company within the first six months of being hired and that one in four usually left.

Successful on-boarding is the foundation of any future-thinking organisation. Sometimes new hires may not be facilitated with the training and networking that they need to become productive employees. But an efficient on-boarding process can increase an employee’s discretionary effort by more than 20% and enhances their performance by almost 15%. In fact, committed employees work 57% harder and are nine times less likely to make an exit.

Leveraging the power of technology, Incture Technologies have developed Cherrywork Onboarding application, that helps organisations to create a great first impression for their new joiners. With a focus to increase the retention of new joinees, our application ensures that the investment made by the organisation during recruitment will serve them well in the long term.

As an SAP extension, Cherrywork Onboarding application completely automates the cumbersome employee detail forms and improves processes such as background verification, medical screening, travel, accommodation and even uploading documents like past salary slips, provident fund (PF), gratuity details and many others.

Cherrywork’s Onboarding Process Flow

Seamless integration with LMS tool, SAP FI and even SAP JAM facilitates the operations and amplifies collaboration within peer. The complete application can be deployed on SAP cloud platform (SCP) and on-premise as a part of SAP HCM extension. Developed on SAP UI5 and Fiori the native application provides custom workflows with an intuitive mobile interface.

Incture Technologies provides the solution in hybrid, responsive and native packaging depending on the requirement of the customer. We have successfully implemented the solution in one of the largest food company which recruits more than 100 employees every month. Ramping up their recruiting process, the application has given a plug-n-play experience to the customer. With defined SLAs and complete visibility of all processes, the on-boarding application is providing customers with a delightful experience.

“Improve your employees lives… so they can improve customers lives”

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