Pre-packaged, ready to deploy applications

Cherrywork® Packaged Applications

Cherrywork® packaged applications are built on the SAP Cloud Platform. Building applications on this platform has helped our customers gain Agility, Flexibility, Efficiency, and Scale in addressing their business needs. The applications are ready to deploy and can be done in as less as 6 weeks and that’s a huge advantage for our customers looking for faster digital technology adoption. We have delivered close to 240+ cloud-based applications and have more than 2 million+ subscribers in our cloud user base.

  • Pre-Packaged Content Templates
  • Flexible Pricing Options
  • Scope for Customization
  • Intuitive and Responsive Interface
  • Built-in Intelligence
  • Fast Deployment
  • Available on SAP App Center
Business Impact
  • Increased Process Efficiencies
  • Higher Productivity Gains
  • Lower TCO
  • Rapid User Adoption to Digital
  • Better and More Accurate Decisions
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Enhanced End User Satisfaction

Predictive Asset Maintenance

Cherrywork® Predictive Asset Maintenance Application helps optimize asset lifecycle costs across all phases from asset investment planning, network design, procurement, installation and commissioning, operation and maintenance through decommissioning and disposal...Read More



Cherrywork® Workbox Application provides certain pre-packaged workflows and UI (user-interface) templates that facilitate bringing-in rapid value to customers. Multiple systems, workflows, and all the various tasks are consolidated into a single effective inbox...Read More


Intelligent Price Management

Cherrywork® Intelligent Price Management connects to SAP ECC & S4 and non-SAP transaction systems. It is a single platform to manage both buy and sell-side of prices which helps manage pricing complexity which allows for simulating multiple price... Read More


Accounts Payable Automation

Cherrywork® - Accounts Payable Automation Application streamlines end-to-end operations by capturing invoices from virtually anywhere, extracting relevant data without human intervention with visibility to the financial processes that support business success... Read More


Time and Attendance

Cherrywork® Time and Attendance Application from Incture helps get real-time visibility into your workforce by combining time and attendance tracking, scheduling and tracking leaves. It provides insight into your workforce, helps reduce administrative effort...Read More


Supplier Collaboration Portal

Cherrywork® Supplier Collaboration Portal Application drives supply chain efficiencies and transparency by optimizing information and data flows between supply chain partners. It helps share real-time information with all direct spend suppliers...Read More


Travel and Expense Management

Cherrywork® Travel and Expense Management Application automates the travel request, before starting the trip and enables the payment of travel advances. The advance is later offset against the actual trip expenses. The application gives clear, complete view into spend to cut costs...Read More


Proof of Delivery

Cherrywork® Proof of Delivery Application helps organizations plan trips, manage shipment details, report and manage incidents, track shipments in real-time, and verify delivery items. It is delivered as a twin application solution built on SAP Cloud Platform: Trip Management...Read More