Bridging IoT Big Data with Small Data with Smartapps

Bridging IoT Big Data with Small Data with Smartapps

Bridging IoT Big Data with Small Data with Smartapps



16th October 2021


The world today has more mobile devices than the human population. Adding to it are intelligent devices and wearables making the numbers look overwhelming! The explosion of digitization and smartphones has arisen from our never-ending need to remain connected not only amongst us but also with the devices around us – leading to a huge amount of data getting generated. Hence, the explosion of Big Data!

The problem lies in consuming this Big Data through mobile devices where smaller form factor and a bite-sized screen struggle for content attention. This creates a need for Small Data – something that is easy to consume, actionable and requires less space to display. Now, the big question is – How do we bridge the gap between Big Data and Small Data?

The answer? Smart apps. By the very definition, Smart apps have a very high focus on Data Access, User Experience (UX) and Mobility.

One of the key aspects of Smart apps is their ability to connect to varied backend systems. This accessibility to data lays the foundation for aggregation and further analysis. Once the data is collected, the transformation to actionable insights forms the core aspect of any Smartapp. This data when served to the right person in a very precise and compact format driven through highly evolved User Experience (UX) guidelines, empowers the recipient to take decisions in an informed and timely manner. Also, the fact that this can be delivered on-the-go only increases its usefulness and showcases its efficiency.

Smart apps, when applied along with IoT, will enable us to generate value from Big Data and thereby realize the promise of “Insight to Action”.

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