Smart Apps and Cloud

Smart Apps and Cloud

Smart Apps and Cloud



16th October 2021


Every business organization uses a system of record which holds the transaction centric data and simultaneously facilitates the business transactions on a day to day basis. This system per say could be an ERP or a set of systems put together to run the business. The end users interact with the system using various modes of engagement.Smartapps are process oriented applications which uniquely facilitate the modes of engagement of the user with the systems of record in a way that enables high responsiveness, increased efficiency, reduced latency in process and increased competitive advantage while reducing the operating cost at the same time. They are innovative solutions as a result of smart integration between modes of engagement and data.

The experience becomes far more enriching and exciting when this integration between applications and the various internet of things is delivered to the cloud which creates a completely new work space that can be customized as per the customer’s needs. Also, it can be accessed from anywhere and on any device.

Imagine all the complexities of the landscape and data sources encapsulated in the cloud, while making available what you need right on your device, which is not just a bespoke app but an elaborate process driven application with a smart integration on the cloud platform, seamlessly delivering what you need without any overheads, restrictions of platforms or devices.

If this innovation sounds like something you were looking for, we at Incture will be able to make you realize it with our cloud solution cherrywork intelligent digital applications.

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