Cherrywork Digital Application

Pre-packaged, ready to deploy applications


Intelligent Task Management
Deliver Intelligent Notifications, Tasks and Process
Insights in Real-time

In-Store Perishables Management
Enabling grocery retailers to prepare for
peak hour sales

Accounts Payable Automation
Automate Tasks for Better Visibility and Control
over Financial Data

Proof of Delivery
Organize, Manage and Track Shipment Detail
in Real-time

Supplier Collaboration Portal
Gain Control over Supplier Data and
Collaboration across the Processes

Collaborative Order Management
Simplify, Streamline and Integrate Orders to
Grow Revenues

Intelligent Price Management
Manage Pricing and Respond to Marketplace
Changes Quickly

HXM Modernization Suite
Deliver More Intuitive, Engaging Experiences that
Boost Productivity

Travel and Expense
Control and Manage Travel Expenses with
Real-time Visibility

Resource Management
Plan your Resources and Project Schedule

Time and Attendance
Manage the Total Workforce with Insights
and Flexibility

Advanced Metering Analytics
Transform SMART Meter Data into Actionable

Predictive Asset Maintenance
Balance Risk and Maximize Value Across the
Asset Lifecycle

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    Job Details




    Area of Expertise

    AI-ML machine learning life cycle management, concepts on ML algorithm, ML techniques and operationalization experience



    8-13 years
    AI-ML Architect
    Role & Responsibilities:
    • Good understanding of AI-ML machine learning life cycle management, concepts on ML algorithm, ML techniques, and operationalization experience. 
    • Knowledge of SDLC, Project Management, and Agile scrum framework. Customer focus, user case/prototype building, RFP/Proposal handling, Pre-sales.\Language – Python, R, SQL.
    • Database – SAP HANA, Big Data, SQL Server 
    • Cloud Platform – SAP Cloud Platform (Cloud Foundry), MS Azure, AWS 
    • Visualization tools– Tableau, Power BI, SAC