Streamline your payables

This application streamlines your end-to-end operations by enabling you to capture invoices from virtually anywhere, extract relevant data without human intervention, and at all times gain visibility to the financial processes that support or subvert your business success.

Features and Benefits

Reduced AP Processing Cost

Reduced transaction processing cost. Reduced FTE re-deployments. Faster turn around time due to automation. Reduction in paper storage and retention cost. Reduced exceptions. Prioritization of invoices based on supplier / invoice value etc.

Improved visibility

End to end visibility. Alerts and notifications in cases of exceptions. Single version of truth for both supplier and internal teams. User workload and process reports to measure KPIs. Strengthen vendor relationship and promote collaboration.

Support for Multiple Channels

Our AP Automation Solution allows to capture vendor invoices virtually from anywhere. Be it paper based invoices received via fax or as hard copies to the more structured format received via EDI. We also enable your suppliers to submit their invoices directly via Portal.

Touch less posting and seamless integration with SAP system

For all those perfectly matched invoices against PO and GR, our solution allows to auto posts invoices in SAP system. Our solution has in-built connectors to integrate with your SAP systems. Whether it is fetching PO and GR details from SAP to posting invoices and payments, we have all.

Account Payable Workbench

Your Accounting Team and CFO can access invoices via the workbench where they can review and approve the invoices. They can also access various reports via this Workbench.

Rule Based Workflow

We have flexible rule based workflow where tasks are auto routed to your accounting team members. System also auto routes those high value invoices to relevant stake holders for approval.


We have some in-built reports which provides end-to-end visibility to your billing process. Whether it is managing your user’s workload or tracking the process cycle time to the more detailed audit trails, we provide all.

Increased returns in available cash

Take advantage of discounts by early payments. Improved data capture for better control over spend. Optimizing working capital.

Sophisticated Fuzzy Match

We have a sophisticated fuzzy algorithm which matches invoice line items against Purchase Order and Goods Receipt.


Ensuring VAT or other tax compliance. Reduced fraud. Audit trail.