We have created Incture as a platform for people, both employees, customers and partners. A platform that facilitates their collaborative innovation through social approaches and a place where they come together to create rewarding success stories. Our culture and practice put people before profits.

We promote fast paced entrepreneurial growth, where you will own a Smartapp, along with fellows of intellectual brilliance. As a platform, we actively support your professional growth, and when time is right, we seek to invest in the Smartapp that you want to unleash into the world.

We enable skill development through dedicated learning and development programs. We employ the best talent of the industry - folks graduating from some of the best universities and having worked with some of the leading organizations in the industry. Our culture positively promotes ownership and accountability of projects, people, products, and customers. If you like to work with someone, bring them along.

We work with our customers in equal accountability. We are equally accountable for their growth and success. Work for us, is a way to make a lasting symbiosis and create beautiful experiences through that. We work for maximising the value of the partnership to and with all the people involved.

We are building a platform that works for our partners, enabling them to be of service to a larger customer base. Our partner program integrates and leverage people capabilities of our partners and working with the belief of - one team, without boundaries.

We are committed to make our services and products available globally, through localized teams and partnerships. We are an equal opportunity employer, and go out of the way to be truly inclusive in many different ways.

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